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Weimar Thought:
A Contested Legacy
Edited by Peter E. Gordon & John P. McCormick

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Introduction: Weimar Thought: Continuity and Crisis 1
Peter E. Gordon and John P. McCormick
Part I: Law, Politics, Society
1 Weimar Sociology 15
David Kettler and Colin Loader
2 Weimar Psychology: Holistic Visions and Trained Intuition 35
Mitchell G. Ash
3 Legal Theory and the Weimar Crisis of Law and Social Change 55
John P. McCormick
4 The Legacy of Max Weber in Weimar Political and Social Theory 73
Dana Villa
Part II: Philosophy, Theology, Science
5 Kulturphilosophie in Weimar Modernism 101
John Michael Krois
6 Weimar Philosophy and the Fate of Neo-Kantianism 115
Frederick Beiser
7 Weimar Philosophy and the Crisis of Historical Thinking 133
Charles Bambach
8 Weimar Theology: From Historicism to Crisis 150
Peter E. Gordon
9 Method, Moment, and Crisis in Weimar Science 179
Cathryn Carson
Part III: Aesthetics, Literature, Film
10 Walter Benjamin, Siegfried Kracauer, and Weimar Criticism 203
Michael Jennings
11 Writers and Politics in the Weimar Republic 220
Karin Gunnemann
12 Aesthetic Fundamentalism in Weimar Poetry: Stefan George and his Circle, 1918-1933 240
Martin A. Ruehl
13 Weimar Film Theory 273
Sabine Hake
14 The Politics of Art and Architecture at the Bauhaus, 1919-1933 291
John V. Maciuika
15 Aby Warburg and the Secularization of the Image 316
Michael P. Steinberg
Part IV: Themes of an Epoch
16 Eastern Wisdom in an Era of Western Despair: Orientalism in 1920s Central Europe 341
Susanne Marchand
17 Weimar Femininity: Within and Beyond the Law 361
Tracie Matysik
18 The Weimar Left: Theory and Practice 377
Martin Jay
19 The Aftermath: Reflections on the Culture and Ideology of National Socialism 394
Anson Rabinbach
Weimar Thought: A Chronology 407
Contributors 417
Index 423

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File created: 11/11/2014

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