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Men of Bronze:
Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece
Edited by Donald Kagan & Gregory F. Viggiano

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Figures vii
Preface Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano ix
Introduction Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano xi
Chapter 1 The Hoplite Debate, Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano1
Chapter 2 The Arms, Armor, and Iconography of Early Greek Hoplite Warfare, Gregory F. Viggiano and Hans van Wees 57
Chapter 3 Hoplitai/Politai: Refighting Ancient Battles, Paul Cartledge 74
Chapter 4 Setting the Frame Chronologically, Anthony Snodgrass 85
Chapter 5 Early Greek Infantry Fighting in a Mediterranean Context, Kurt A. Raaflaub 95
Chapter 6 The Hoplite Revolution and the Rise of the Polis, Gregory F. Viggiano 112
Chapter 7 Hoplite Hell: How Hoplites Fought, Peter Krentz 134
Chapter 8 Large Weapons, Small Greeks: The Practical Limitations of Hoplite Weapons and Equipment, Adam Schwartz 157
Chapter 9 Not Patriots, Not Farmers, Not Amateurs: Greek Soldiers of Fortune and the Origins of Hoplite Warfare, John R. Hale 176
Chapter 10 Can We See the "Hoplite Revolution" on the Ground? Archaeological Landscapes, Material Culture, and Social Status in Early Greece, Lin Foxhall 194
Chapter 11 Farmers and Hoplites: Models of Historical Development, Hans van Wees 222
Chapter 12 The Hoplite Narrative, Victor Davis Hanson 256
List of Contributors 277
Index 279

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File created: 4/21/2017

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