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Moral Perception
Robert Audi

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface vii
Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

PART ONE Perception and Moral Knowledge 5

Chapter 1 Perception: Sensory, Conceptual, and Cognitive Dimensions 7

  • I. Major Kinds of Perception 8
  • II. The Phenomenology and Content of Perception 12
  • III. The Basis of Veridical Perception 21

Chapter 2 Moral Perception: Causal, Phenomenological, and Epistemological Elements 30

  • I. The Perception of Right and Wrong 30
  • II. The Representational Character of Moral Perception 38

Chapter 3 Perception as a Direct Source of Moral Knowledge 51

  • I. Perception and Inference 51
  • II. Can Moral Perception Be Naturalized? 55
  • III. Moral Perception as a Basis of Moral Knowledge 58

PART TWO Ethical Intuition, Emotional Sensibility, and Moral Judgment 67

Chapter 4 Perceptual Grounds, Ethical Disagreement, and Moral Intuitions 69

  • I. Does Moral Disagreement Undermine Justification in Ethics? 70
  • II. The Concept of an Intuition 83
  • III. Intuitions as Apprehensions 96

Chapter 5 Moral Perception, Aesthetic Perception, and Intuitive Judgment 103

  • I. The Role of Intuition in Aesthetic Experience 103
  • II. Aesthetic and Moral Properties: Comparison and Contrast 106
  • III. The Rule-Governed Element in Ethics and Aesthetics 109
  • IV. The Reliability of Intuition 112

Chapter 6 Emotion and Intuition as Sources of Moral Judgment 121

  • I. Emotion and Intuition: Interaction and Integration 122
  • II. The Evidential Role of Emotion in Moral Matters 136

Chapter 7 The Place of Emotion and Moral Intuition in Normative Ethics 143

  • I. Emotion and Moral Intuition 143
  • II. Moral Imagination as a Nexus of Intuition, Emotion, and Perception 157
  • III. Intuition and Moral Judgment 161

Conclusion 170
Index 175

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File created: 11/11/2014

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