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The Family Model in Chinese Art and Culture
Edited by Jerome Silbergeld & Dora C. Y. Ching

Book Description
Introduction [in PDF format]


Contributors vii
Chronology of China ix
Foreword and Acknowledgments, Jerome Silbergeld and Dora C. Y. Ching xi
Introduction: The Chinese Family Model in the World of Art, Jerome Silbergeld and Michelle Deklyen 1
Part I The "Real" Family in China
Families in China: Ties That Bind? Rubie S. Watson 13
Danger, Subjectivity, and the Chinese Family: Interpersonal Processes and the Changing Political and Moral Economies of the Self, Arthur Kleinman 37
The Ongoing Transformation of the Family: A Western Perspective, Vivian B. Shapiro 48
Orthodoxy, Resistance, and the Family in Chinese Art, Stevan Harrell 71
Part II Real and Ideal, the Family in Ancient Times
Family and Gender in Burial Custom: The Case of Western Zhou Aristocracy, Jay Xu 93
Families in the Classical Era (323 BCE - 316 CE), Michael Nylan 143
Artisan Families in Ancient China, Anthony Barbieri-Low 199
Part III
Presenting the Family in Art
Mansions in Life and in Death, Klaas Ruitenbeek 229
Shadows in Life and Death: Family Portraiture, Dora C. Y. Ching 275
Picturing Children, Ann Barrott Wicks 301
Painting Boundaries of Sex Segregation in Qing China: Representing the Family in The Red Chamber Dream, Louise Edwards 339
The Ghosts of Patriarchy Past: Family Dynamics and Psycho-Politics in Recent Chinese-Language Cinema, Jerome Silbergeld 373
A Family Tradition That Portrays Families in Paintings without Painting Any Family Pictures: The Nianhua of Mianzhu, Sichuan,
Stevan Harrell 401
Part IV The Family as Site and Symbol of Artistic Production
Art and Family Identity during the Yuan Dynasty: The Zhao Family of Wuxing, Ankeney Weitz 423
The Family Style: Art as Lineage in the Ming and Qing, Craig Clunas 459
The Heirloom Painting in Early Modern Japan, Yukio Lippit 475
Index-Glossary 515
Image Credits 550

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File created: 4/21/2017

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