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Handbook of Meta-analysis in Ecology and Evolution
Edited by Julia Koricheva, Jessica Gurevitch & Kerrie Mengersen

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Preface xi

SECTION I: Introduction & Planning
1.Place of Meta-analysis among Other Methods of Research Synthesis 3
Julia Koricheva & Jessica Gurevitch
2.The Procedure of Meta-analysis in a Nutshell 14
Isabelle M. Côté & Michael D. Jennions
SECTION II : Initiating a Meta-analysis
3.First Steps in Beginning a Meta-analysis 27
Gavin B. Stewart, Isabelle M. Côté, Hannah R. Rothstein, & Peter S. Curtis
4.Gathering Data: Searching Literature & Selection Criteria 37
Isabelle M. Côté, Peter S. Curtis, Hannah R. Rothstein, & Gavin B. Stewart
5.Extraction & Critical Appraisal of Data 52
Peter S. Curtis, Kerrie Mengersen, Marc J. Lajeunesse, Hannah R. Rothstein, & Gavin B. Stewart
6.Effect Sizes: Conventional Choices & Calculations 61
Michael S. Rosenberg, Hannah R. Rothstein, & Jessica Gurevitch
7.Using Other Metrics of Effect Size in Meta-analysis 72
Kerrie Mengersen & Jessica Gurevitch
SECTION III : Essential Analytic Models & Methods
8.Statistical Models & Approaches to Inference 89
Kerrie Mengersen, Christopher H. Schmid, Michael D. Jennions, & Jessica Gurevitch
9.Moment & Least-Squares Based Approaches to Meta-analytic Inference 108
Michael S. Rosenberg
10.Maximum Likelihood Approaches to Meta-analysis 125
Kerrie Mengersen & Christopher H. Schmid
11.Bayesian Meta-analysis 145
Christopher H. Schmid & Kerrie Mengersen
12.Software for Statistical Meta-analysis 174
Christopher H. Schmid, Gavin B. Stewart, Hannah R. Rothstein, Marc J. Lajeunesse, & Jessica Gurevitch
SECTION IV: Statistical Issues & Problems
13.Recovering Missing or Partial Data from Studies: A Survey of Conversions & Imputations for Meta-analysis 195
Marc J. Lajeunesse
14.Publication & Related Biases 207
Michael D. Jennions, Christopher J. Lortie, Michael S. Rosenberg, & Hannah R. Rothstein
15.Temporal Trends in Effect Sizes: Causes, Detection, & Implications 237
Julia Koricheva, Michael D. Jennions, & Joseph Lau
16.Statistical Models for the Meta-analysis of Nonindependent Data 255
Kerrie Mengersen, Michael D. Jennions, & Christopher H. Schmid
17.Phylogenetic Nonindependence & Meta-analysis 284
Marc J. Lajeunesse, Michael S. Rosenberg, & Michael D. Jennions
18.Meta-analysis of Primary Data 300
Kerrie Mengersen, Jessica Gurevitch, & Christopher H. Schmid
19.Meta-analysis of Results from Multisite Studies 313
Jessica Gurevitch
SECTION V: Presentation & Interpretation of Results
20.Quality St&ards for Research Syntheses 323
Hannah R. Rothstein, Christopher J. Lortie, Gavin B. Stewart, Julia Koricheva, & Jessica Gurevitch
21.Graphical Presentation of Results 339
Christopher J. Lortie, Joseph Lau, & Marc J. Lajeunesse
22.Power Statistics for Meta-analysis: Tests for Mean Effects & Homogeneity 348
Marc J. Lajeunesse
23.Role of Meta-analysis in Interpreting the Scientific Literature 364
Michael D. Jennions, Christopher J. Lortie, & Julia Koricheva
24.Using Meta-analysis to Test Ecological & Evolutionary Theory 381
Michael D. Jennions, Christopher J. Lortie, & Julia Koricheva
SECTION VI: Contributions of Meta-analysis in Ecology & Evolution
25.History & Progress of Meta-analysis 407
Joseph Lau, Hannah R. Rothstein, & Gavin B. Stewart
26.Contributions of Meta-analysis to Conservation & Management 420
Isabelle M. Côté & Gavin B. Stewart
27.Conclusions: Past, Present, & Future of Meta-analysis in Ecology & Evolution 426
Jessica Gurevitch & Julia Koricheva

Glossary 433
Frequently Asked Questions 441
References 447
List of Contributors 487
Subject Index 489

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File created: 4/21/2017

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