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Higher Education in America
Derek Bok

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1
Part I The Context
Foreword (I) 7
Chapter One The American System of Higher Education 9
Chapter Two Purposes, Goals, and Limits to Growth 28
Chapter Three The Governance of Nonprofit Universities 44
Afterword (I) 72
Part II Undergraduate Education
Foreword (II) 77
Chapter Four Going to College and Earning a Degree 81
Chapter Five Paying for College: The Challenge for Policy-Makers and Academic Leaders 98
Chapter Six Entering the Right College 122
Chapter Seven The Expanding Audience for Higher Education 145
Chapter Eight What to Learn 166
Chapter Nine How to Teach 183
Chapter Ten Prospects for Reform 201
Afterword (II) 220
Chapter Eleven Graduate Education
Part III Professional Education
Foreword (III) 249
Chapter Twelve Medical Schools 256
Chapter Thirteen Law Schools 271
Chapter Fourteen Business Schools 287
Afterword (III) 306
Part IV Research
Foreword (IV) 321
Chapter Fifteen "Publish or Perish" 328
Chapter Sixteen The Changing Nature of Scientific Research 342
Chapter Seventeen The Environment for Research 358
Afterword (IV) 377
Part V A Final Reckoning
Foreword (V) 383
Chapter Eighteen Matters of Genuine Concern 387
The Last Word 408

Notes 413
Index 453

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File created: 10/23/2013

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