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The Passions and the Interests:
Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph
Albert O. Hirschman
With a foreword by Amartya Sen and a new afterword by Jeremy Adelman

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Foreword, by Amartya Sen ix
Preface to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition xxi
Acknowledgments xxv
Introduction 3
PART ONE. How the Interests were Called Upon to Counteract the Passions 7
The Idea of Glory and Its Downfall 9
Man "as he really is" 12
Repressing and Harnessing the Passions 14
The Principle of the Countervailing Passion 20
"Interest" and "Interests" as Tamers of the Passions 31
Interest as a New Paradigm 42;
Assets of an Interest-Governed World: Predictability and Constancy 48
Money-Making and Commerce as Innocent and Doux 56
Money-Making as a Calm Passion 63
PART TWO. How Economic Expansion was Expected to Improve the Political Order 67
Elements of a Doctrine 70
1. Montesquieu 70
2. Sir James Steuart 81
3. John Millar 87
Related yet Discordant Views 93
1. The Physiocrats 96
2. Adam Smith and the End of a Vision 100
PART THREE. Reflections on an Episode in Intellectual History 115
Where the Montesquieu-Steuart Vision Went Wrong 117
The Promise of an Interest-Governed World versus the Protestant Ethic 128
Contemporary Notes 132
Afterword by Jeremy Adelman 137
Notes 145
Index 155

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File created: 11/11/2014

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