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Jews and the Military:
A History
Derek J. Penslar

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations vii
Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1
Chapter One - The Jewish Soldier between Memory and Reality 17

  • War in Premodern Judaism 19
  • Premodern Jews in War 22
  • Jews in the Tsar's Army: Conscription as National Tragedy? 27

Chapter Two - Fighting for Rights: Conscription and Jewish Emancipation 35

  • New Thinking about Jews as Soldiers in the Eighteenth Century 38
  • Absolute Conscription: Jews and the Draft in the Habsburg Empire 41
  • Willing Bodies: Jewish Soldiers in Western Europe 47
  • The Jew as Rebel 56
  • Integration and Accommodation of Jewish Soldiers 61
  • Celebrating the Jewish Fighter 68
  • Jewish Fighters at the Fin de Siècle: Proletarian Rebels and Shock Troops of Empire 74

Chapter Three - The Military as a Jewish Occupation 83

  • Jewish Military Officers as Social Barometers 84
  • The Armed Juif d'État 94
  • Lives Reconstructed: French-Jewish Officers at Home and Abroad 103

Chapter Four - When May We Kill Our Brethren? Jews at War 121

  • Civil Wars within Civil Wars 122
  • Jews and War Finance: Between Patriotism and Internationalism 145
  • World War I: The End or Pinnacle of Jewish Transnationalism? 152
  • Jewish Veterans as a Transnational Community 160

Chapter Five - The Jewish Soldier of World War I: From Participant to Victim 166
Chapter Six - The World Wars as Jewish Wars 195

  • The Jewish Legion and Palestine: The First Global Jewish War? 196
  • Mobilized Jewish Internationalism: The Spanish Civil War 200
  • The Second World War: Fighting Amalek 207

Chapter Seven - 1948 as a Jewish World War 225

  • The Global Battle for a Jewish State 226
  • 1948: The View from America 248

Epilogue 254
Notes 263
Bibliography 317
Index 337

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File created: 4/21/2017

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