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The Price of Rights:
Regulating International Labor Migration
Martin Ruhs

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments vii
Abbreviations xi

Chapter 1 The Rights of Migrant Workers: Reframing the Debate 1

  • Aims and Approach of the Book 2
  • Outline of the Chapters and Main Arguments 4
  • Terminology and Scope of This Book 10

Chapter 2 The Human Rights of Migrant Workers: Why Do So Few Countries Care? 13

  • International Migrant Rights Conventions 13
  • Ratification: Record and Obstacles 16
  • Effectiveness 22
  • Migrant Rights, Citizenship Rights, and Immigration Policy 23

Chapter 3 Nation-States, Labor Immigration, and Migrant Rights: What Can We Expect? 26

  • The Objectives of Labor Immigration Policy 26
  • Constraints and Variations in the Migration State 33
  • Three Hypotheses 39

Chapter 4 An Empirical Analysis of Labor Immigration Programs in Forty-Six Countries 53

  • Existing Research and the Scope of My Analysis 53
  • Indicators for Measuring Openness to Labor Immigration 59
  • Indicators for Measuring Migrant Rights 65
  • Methods, Data, and Limitations 71
  • Openness to Labor Immigration 74
  • Migrant Rights 80
  • Summary of Findings 87

Chapter 5 Regulating the Admission and Rights of Migrant Workers: Policy Rationales in High-Income Countries 91

  • Explaining Greater Openness to Higher-Skilled Migrant Workers 91
  • Why More Rights for Skilled Migrant Workers? 104
  • Explaining Trade-Offs between Openness and Rights 111
  • The National Interest: Expected Impacts Drive Labor Immigration Policies 120

Chapter 6 Labor Emigration and Rights Abroad: The Perspectives of Migrants and Their Countries of Origin 122

  • Migrants: Emigration, Rights, and Human Development 122
  • Sending Countries: Interests and Policy Choices 134
  • Engaging with Trade-Offs 152

Chapter 7 The Ethics of Labor Immigration Policy 154

  • What Consequences Should National Policymakers Care about, and for Whom? 156
  • The Ethics of Temporary Labor Immigration Programs 166
  • What Rights Restrictions Are Justifiable, and for How Long? 172
  • Making Temporary Migration Programs Work 178
  • Summary: The Case for Tolerating Some Trade-Offs between Openness and Rights 185

Chapter 8 The Price of Rights: What Next for Human Rights-Based Approaches to International Labor Migration? 187

  • Blind Spots and Unintended Consequences of Human Rights 189
  • UN Agencies' Reluctant Engagement with the Price of Rights 191
  • Reframing the Human Rights-Based Approach to Migration 196
  • Open Debate 199

Appendix 1 Tables A.1-10 201
Appendix 2 Overview of Openness Indicators 217
Appendix 3 Overview of Migrant Rights Indicators 221
References 227
Index 243

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File created: 11/11/2014

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