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The Substance of Representation:
Congress, American Political Development, and Lawmaking
John S. Lapinski

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface vii

Chapter I Policy Issue Substance and the Revitalization of Legislative Studies 1

  • Why We Need to Restore Policy Issue Substance to Congressional Studies 4
  • A Natural Connection: Congressional Studies, American Political Development, and Policy Studies 12
  • The Organization of the Book 14

Chapter II Bringing Policy Issue Substance Back In 19

  • Pitfalls of the Substantive Tradition 20
  • Introducing a New Policy Classification Schema 24
  • Conclusion 41
  • Appendix: Coding Schema 41

Chapter III Political Polarization and Issues: A New Perspective 54

  • Estimating Induced Preferences of Members of Congress 55
  • Political Polarization and Policy Issue Substance 57
  • House and Senate Party Unity Scores, 1877-2011 58
  • Disaggregating Political Polarization 60
  • Conclusion 64
  • Appendix 65

Chapter IV The Case Studies: Policy Issue Substance and the Political Behavior of Members of Congress (with David Bateman) 69

  • Reassessing the 95th Congress 69
  • The Case Studies: Examining Sovereignty Policy across Time 74
  • Conclusion 102
  • Appendix 103

Chapter V Legislative Accomplishment and Policy Issue Substance 104

  • Needed: Direct Measures of Legislative Accomplishment 105
  • Measuring Legislative Significance 106
  • Constructing Macro-Level Measures of Legislative Accomplishment 128
  • Conclusion 132

Chapter VI Explaining Lawmaking in the United States, 1877-1994 133

  • Critical Hypotheses and Covariates of Lawmaking 134
  • Empirically Analyzing Lawmaking 138
  • Conclusion 149

Chapter VII At the Crossroads: Policy Issue Substance, Congress, and American Political Development 150

  • Ideas for American Political Development 152
  • Ideas for Congressional Studies 159

Bibliography 161
Index 171

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File created: 4/21/2017

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