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The Cosmic Cocktail:
Three Parts Dark Matter
Katherine Freese

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface ix
1 The Golden Era of Particle Cosmology, or How I Joined the Chicago Mafia 1
New York City; Fermilab: The Atom Smasher in the Prairie; Chicago: A New Zeitgeist in Cosmology; Dunkle Materie: The Dark Enigma; WIMPs at Harvard
2 How Do Cosmologists Know Dark Matter Exists? The Beginning of the Dark Matter Story 9
What Do Galaxies Look Like?; Observational Evidence for Dark Matter; Formation of Galaxies and Clusters; Dark Matter Dominates
3 The Big Picture of the Universe: Einstein and the Big Bang 35
Geometry of the Universe; Cosmic Microwave Background; Outer Space and the Queen of Sweden; Pie Picture of the Universe
4 Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Proves That Atomic Matter Constitutes Only 5% of the Universe 67
A Story about Big Bang Nucleosynthesis; Particles in the Early Universe: A Primordial Soup; Origins of the Elements; Atoms Make Up Only 5% of the Universe
5 What Is Dark Matter? 83
Rocks or Dust; Matter and Antimatter; Neutrinos; MACHOs; Black Holes; The Particle Zoo; The WIMP Miracle; WIMPs in the Human Body and a Tennis Match
6 The Discovery of the Higgs Boson 108
Atom Smashers: The Large Hadron Collider; CERN; Discovery of the Higgs
7 The Experimental Hunt for Dark Matter Particles 123
The Three Prongs of the Hunt for Dark Matter; Dark Matter at the Atom Smasher at CERN: Missing Energy plus Jets; What Has CERN Done for Society?; Will the LHC Bring Doomsday?; Direct Detection: Abandoned Mines, Alpine Tunnels, and Nightclubs in Jerusalem; Indirect Detection: Annihilations in Space and at the South Pole
8 Claims of Detection: Are They Real? 147
Direct Detection in Underground Laboratories; Indirect Detection of WIMP Annihilation: Positrons, Neutrinos, and Gamma Rays; The Future of Dark Matter Experiments
9 Dark Energy and the Fate of the Universe 183
Rounding Out the Universe: Type IA Supernovae and Dark Energy; The Future of the Universe; Epicycles; Epilogue
Afterword: Dark Stars 215
Acknowledgments 219
Notes 221
Suggestions for Further Reading 233
Index 235

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File created: 5/31/2017

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