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Dream Interpretation Ancient and Modern:
Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1941
C. G. Jung
Edited by John Peck, Lorenz Jung and Maria Meyer-Grass
Translated by Ernst Falzeder with the collaboration of Tony Woolfson

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Note to the English Edition vii
Acknowledgments ix
Preface and Introduction by the Original Editors, Lorenz Jung and Maria Meyer-Grass xi
Calendar Contents for the Full Seminar, Winter Term, 1936/37-Winter Term, 1940/41 (coordinated with Children's Dreams Seminar) xvii
Introduction by the editor, John Peck xxi
A. Older Literature on Dream Interpretation (Commencing Winter Term 1936/37)
Chapter 1. Macrobius: Commentarius ex Cicerone in Somnium Scipionis, Paper by W. Bächtold 3
Chapter 2. Artemidorus: Five Books on the Art of Dream Interpretation, Paper by Grete Adler 14
Chapter 3. Synesius of Cyrene: Treatise on Dream Visions, Paper by Rivkah Schãrf 22
Chapter 4. Caspar Peucer, De Somniis, Paper by Marie-Louise von Franz 32
B. The Enlightenment and Romanticism
Chapter 5. M. l'Abbé Richard, Théorie des songes, Paper by Dr. Alice Leuzinger 45
Chapter 6. Franz Splittgerber, Schlaf und Tod, Paper by Kristin Oppenheim 49
C. The Modern Period
Chapter 7. Yves Delage, Le Rêve, Paper by Hans Baumann 57
Chapter 8. Discussion of Paul W. Radestock, Schlaf und Traum, Paper by Dr. Alice Kitzinger 69
Chapter 9. Discussion of Philipp Lersch, Der Traum in der deutschen Romantik, Paper by Dr. Charlotte Spitz 74
Chapter 10. Discussion of Jackson Steward Lincoln, The Dream in Primitive Cultures, Paper by Dr. Kenower Bash 82
Chapter 11. Discussion of Eugène Marais, The Soul of the White Ant, Paper by Carol Baumann 94
D. Visions and Dreams
Chapter 12. Discussion of the Visions of St. Perpetua, Paper by Marie-Louise von Franz 107
Chapter 13. Discussion of the Dreams of the Renaissance Scholar Girolamo Cardano, Paper by Dr. E. Levy 122
Chapter 14. Discussion of Three Dreams of Dr. John Hubbard, alias Peter Blobbs (The Censer, the Swinging Ax, and the Man at the End of the Corridor), Paper by Carol Baumann 216
Bibliography 241
Index 249

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