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Trees of Western North America
Richard Spellenberg, Christopher J. Earle & Gil Nelson
Illustrations by David More
Edited by Amy K. Hughes

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Introduction 6
About This Book 6
Taxonomy and Names 7
Gymnosperms and Angiosperms 7
Tree Biology 9
Forest Structure 18
Leaf Keys 19
Key to the Gymnosperms by Leaf Type 20
Key to Selected Angiosperm Trees by Leaf Shape 21

Gymnosperms 26
Conifers 26
Ginkgoaceae: Ginkgo Family 27
Araucariaceae: Araucaria Family 28
Cupressaceae: Cypress Family 30
Pinaceae: Pine Family 55
Taxaceae: Yew Family 110
Angiosperms 112
Monocots 112
Arecaceae: Palm Family 112
Asparagaceae: Asparagus Family 118
Dicots 130
Adoxaceae: Moschatel Family 130
Anacardiaceae: Cashew Family 134
Apocynaceae: Oleander Family 148
Aquifoliaceae: Holly Family 149
Araliaceae: Ginseng Family 152
Asteraceae: Aster Family 152
Betulaceae: Birch Family 156
Bignoniaceae: Bignonia Family 172
Boraginaceae: Borage Family 176
Buddlejaceae: Buddleja Family 178
Burseraceae: Torchwood Family 178
Cactaceae: Cactus Family 180
Cannabaceae: Hemp Family 199
Celastraceae: Bittersweet Family 204
Cornaceae: Dogwood Family 206
Ebenaceae: Ebony Family 210
Elaeagnaceae: Oleaster Family 212
Ericaceae: Heath Family 216
Euphorbiaceae: Spurge Family 226
Fabaceae: Bean or Pea Family 230
Fagaceae: Beech or Oak Family 276
Garryaceae: Silktassel Family 320
Hamamelidaceae: Witch-hazel Family 324
Juglandaceae: Walnut Family 325
Koeberliniaceae: Allthorn Family 334
Lauraceae: Laurel Family 335
Malvaceae: Mallow Family 340
Meliaceae: Mahogany Family 346
Moraceae: Mulberry Family 346
Myoporaceae: Myoporum Family 352
Myricaceae: Wax Myrtle Family 353
Myrtaceae: Myrtle Family 354
Oleaceae: Olive Family 362
Papaveraceae: Poppy Family 378
Pittosporaceae: Cheesewood Family 379
Platanaceae: Planetree Family 381
Proteaceae: Protea Family 385
Punicaceae: Pomegranate Family 386
Rhamnaceae: Buckthorn Family 386
Rosaceae: Rose Family 402
Rubiaceae: Madder Family 454
Rutaceae: Citrus or Rue Family 456
Salicaceae: Willow Family 464
Sapindaceae: Soapberry Family 500
Sapotaceae: Sapodilla Family 514
Simaroubaceae: Quassia Family 516
Solanaceae: Nightshade Family 518
Staphyleaceae: Bladdernut Family 520
Styracaceae: Storax Family 521
Tamaricaceae: Tamarisk Family 522
Ulmaceae: Elm Family 528
Verbenaceae: Vervain Family 534
Zygophyllaceae: Caltrop Family 538

Acknowledgments 540
Abbreviations 541
Glossary 542
Index of Species 547

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File created: 11/1/2016

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