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Wildlife of the Caribbean
Herbert A. Raffaele & James W. Wiley

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments 4
Introduction 4
Goal 4
Geographic Coverage 4
Species Coverage 5
Species Accounts 5
The Islands 8
Geography 8
Climate 8
Biogeography 8
Lost Faunas 10
Habitats 13
Hurricanes and Their Influence on Habitats and Wildlife 15
Folklore 16
Environmental Threats and Conservation 17
Environmental Threats 17
Conservation in Practice 26
Species Accounts
Terrestrial Life 29
Plants 30
Terrestrial Mammals 92
Birds 100
Terrestrial Reptiles 196
Amphibians 212
Freshwater Fish and Shrimp 220
Terrestrial Invertebrates 222
Marine Life 229
Conserving the Marine Environment of the Caribbean and the World: A Global Imperative, by The Honorable Freundel Stuart, Q.C., M.P., Prime Minister of Barbados 230
Marine Mammals 232
Marine Reptiles 236
Marine Fish 238
Marine Plants and Invertebrates 268
Seashells (Mollusks) 280
References and Additional Reading 292
Glossary 296
Photograph, Illustration, and Text Edit Credits 297
Index 300

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File created: 4/21/2017

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