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The Best Writing on Mathematics 2015
Edited by Mircea Pitici

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Extended Introduction with Online Resources [PDF only]


Introduction - Mircea Pitici xi
A Dusty Discipline - Michael J. Barany and Donald MacKenzie 1
How Puzzles Made Us Human - Pradeep Mutalik 7
Let the Games Continue - Colm Mulcahy and Dana Richards 14
Challenging Magic Squares for Magicians - Arthur T. Benjamin and Ethan J. Brown 26
Candy Crush's Puzzling Mathematics - Toby Walsh 38
Chaos on the Billiard Table - Marianne Freiberger 47
Juggling with Numbers - Erik R. Tou 63
The Quest for Randomness - Scott Aaronson 69
Synthetic Biology, Real Mathematics - Dana Mackenzie 93
At the Far Ends of a New Universal Law - Natalie Wolchover 99
Twisted Math and Beautiful Geometry - Eli Maor and Eugen Jost 107
Kenichi Miura's Water Wheel, or The Dance of the Shapes of Constant Width - Burkard Polster 119
Dürer: Disguise, Distance, Disagreements, and Diagonals! - Annalisa Crannell, Marc Frantz, and Fumiko Futamura 132
The Quaternion Group as a Symmetry Group - Vi Hart and Henry Segerman 141
The Steiner-Lehmus Angle-Bisector Theorem - John Conway and Alex Ryba 154
Key Ideas and Memorability in Proof - Gila Hanna and John Mason 167
The Future of High School Mathematics - Jim Fey, Sol Garfunkel, Diane Briars, Andy Isaacs, Henry Pollak, Eric Robinson, Richard Scheaffer,
Alan Schoenfeld, Cathy Seeley, Dan Teague, and Zalman Usiskin 181
Demystifying the Math Myth: Analyzing the Contributing Factors for the Achievement Gap between Chinese and U.S. Students - Guili Zhang and Miguel A. Padilla 187
The Pigeonhole Principle, Two Centuries before Dirichlet - Benoît Rittaud and Albrecht Heeffer 201
A Prehistory of Nim - Lisa Rougetet 207
Gödel, Gentzen, Goodstein: The Magic Sound of a G-String - Jan von Plato 215
Global and Local - James Franklin 228
Mathematical Beauty, Understanding, and Discovery - Carlo Cellucci 241
A Guide for the Perplexed: What Mathematicians Need to Know to Understand Philosophers of Mathematics - Mark Balaguer 265
Writing about Math for the Perplexed and the Traumatized - Steven Strogatz 280
Is Big Data Enough? A Reflection on the Changing Role of Mathematics in Applications - Domenico Napoletani, Marco Panza, and Daniele C. Struppa 293
The Statistical Crisis in Science - Andrew Gelman and Eric Loken 305
Color illustration section follows page 316
Statistics and the Ontario Lottery Retailer Scandal - Jeffrey S. Rosenthal 319
Never Say Never - David J. Hand 332
Contributors 337
Notable Writings 349
Acknowledgments 359
Credits 361

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File created: 4/21/2017

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