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Three Stones Make a Wall:
The Story of Archaeology
Eric H. Cline
With illustrations by Glynnis Fawkes

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations vii
Preface: A Petrified Monkey's Paw xi
Prologue: "Wonderful Things": King Tut and His Tomb 1
Part 1 Early Archaeology and Archaeologists
1 Ashes to Ashes in Ancient Italy 13
2 Digging Up Troy 24
3 From Egypt to Eternity 38
4 Mysteries in Mesopotamia 52
5 Exploring the Jungles of Central America 66
Digging Deeper 1: How Do You Know Where to Dig? 80
Part 2 Africa, Europe, and the Levant: Early Hominins to Farmers
6 Discovering Our Earliest Ancestors 97
7 First Farmers in the Fertile Crescent 115
Part 3 Excavating the Bronze Age Aegean
8 Revealing the First Greeks 131
9 Finding Atlantis? 146
10 Enchantment Under the Sea 157
Part 4 Uncovering the Classics
11 From Discus-Throwing to Democracy 171
12 What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us? 188
Digging Deeper 2: How Do You Know How to Dig? 204
Part 5 Discoveries in the Holy Land and Beyond
13 Excavating Armageddon 221
14 Unearthing the Bible 234
15 Mystery at Masada 245
16 Cities of the Desert 257
Digging Deeper 3: How Old Is This and Why Is It Preserved? 269
Part 6 New World Archaeology
17 Lines in the Sand, Cities in the Sky 291
18 Giant Heads, Feathered Serpents, and Golden Eagles 303
19 Submarines and Settlers; Gold Coins and Lead Bullets 314
Digging Deeper 4: Do You Get to Keep What You Find? 326
Epilogue: Back to the Future 333
Acknowledgments 341
Notes 343
Bibliography 383
Index 431

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File created: 7/28/2017

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