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Terror in France:
The Rise of Jihad in the West
Gilles Kepel
With Antoine Jardin
With a new preface by the author

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface to the English Edition ix
Paris, Saint-Denis, Friday, November 13, 2015 xiii
Prologue: From the March of the Beurs to Charlie and the Bataclan 1
PART I The Incubation Period: From Clichy to Sarkozy 9
1 2005, the Pivotal Year 11
The Double Trigger for the Riots 12
From Profanation to Blasphemy 16
The Epochal Change of French Islam 18
The Dialectic of Jihadism 22
Jihad's First Terrains 27
The Prison Incubator 29
2 From Muslims Voting to the Muslim Vote 34
The "Muslim Vote" 41
Economic Crash and Identitarian Reactions 43
Soral and Islam against "American-Zionism" 49
The Beginnings of the Muslim Vote 53
Toward an Islamic Electoral Lobby 54
François Hollande's Deceptive Victory 58
3 The Merah Affair in Context 64
The Retrocolonial Backlash 64
Artigat: From Hashish to Sharia 71
The Extension of Cyber-Jihad 78
Omar Omsen's Grand Narrative 83
PART II The Eruption: From Hollande to Charlie and the Bataclan and Their Aftermath, 2012-2016 93
4 French Jihad, Syrian Jihad 97
Mehdi Nemmouche, Detainee and Jailer 98
"Oh, my brothers in Allah from France!" 103
The Lunel Paradigm 109
The Eschatology of Jihad and Psychological War 124
5 The Reversals of the Muslim Vote 135
The Rise in Unemployment and Inequality 136
From Social Despair to Authoritarian Conservatism 138
The Emergence of Traditionalist Islamic Groups 139
Secularism as an Irritant 141
Manifs pour Gaza and Jihad against the Jews 145
6 #CharlieCoulibaly 151
"May Allah curse France!" 156
To Be or Not to Be Charlie 170
Epilogue Between Kalash and Martel: The Nationalist Hammer and the Jihadist Anvil 186
Acknowledgments 199
Chronology of Events 201
List of Key People and Organizations 204
Index 207

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File created: 4/21/2017

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