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The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology:
A Manifesto for Reforming the Culture of Scientific Practice
Chris Chambers

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface ix
1 The Sin of Bias 1
A Brief History of the "Yes Man" 4
Neophilia: When the Positive and New Trumps the Negative but True 8
Replicating Concepts Instead of Experiments 13
Reinventing History 16
The Battle against Bias 20
2 The Sin of Hidden Flexibility 22
p-Hacking 24
Peculiar Patterns of p 29
Ghost Hunting 34
Unconscious Analytic "Tuning" 35
Biased Debugging 39
Are Research Psychologists Just Poorly Paid Lawyers? 40
Solutions to Hidden Flexibility 41
3 The Sin of Unreliability 46
Sources of Unreliability in Psychology 48
Reason 1: Disregard for Direct Replication 48
Reason 2: Lack of Power 55
Reason 3: Failure to Disclose Methods 61
Reason 4: Statistical Fallacies 63
Reason 5: Failure to Retract 65
Solutions to Unreliability 67
4 The Sin of Data Hoarding 75
The Untold Benefits of Data Sharing 77
Failure to Share 78
Secret Sharing 80
How Failing to Share Hides Misconduct 81
Making Data Sharing the Norm 84
Grassroots, Carrots, and Sticks 88
Unlocking the Black Box 91
Preventing Bad Habits 94
5 The Sin of Corruptibility 96
The Anatomy of Fraud 99
The Thin Gray Line 105
When Junior Scientists Go Astray 112
Kate's Story 117
The Dirty Dozen: How to Get Away with Fraud 122
6 The Sin of Internment 126
The Basics of Open Access Publishing 128
Why Do Psychologists Support Barrier-Based Publishing? 129
Hybrid OA as Both a Solution and a Problem 132
Calling in the Guerrillas 136
Counterarguments 138
An Open Road 147
7 The Sin of Bean Counting 149
Roads to Nowhere 151
Impact Factors and Modern-Day Astrology 151
Wagging the Dog 160
The Murky Mess of Academic Authorship 163
Roads to Somewhere 168
8 Redemption 171
Solving the Sins of Bias and Hidden Flexibility 174
Registered Reports: A Vaccine against Bias 174
Preregistration without Peer Review 196
Solving the Sin of Unreliability 198
Solving the Sin of Data Hoarding 202
Solving the Sin of Corruptibility 205
Solving the Sin of Internment 208
Solving the Sin of Bean Counting 210
Concrete Steps for Reform 213
Coda 215
Notes 219
Index 263

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File created: 8/10/2017

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