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Britain's Spiders:
A Field Guide
Lawrence Bee, Geoff Oxford & Helen Smith

Book Description
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Foreword 7
Introduction 9
Spider anatomy - naming the parts 14
Glossary 16
Spider biology 22
Anatomy - a brief overview 22
Silk production 23
Webs 25
Retreats 28
Courtship and mating 28
Egg-sacs 33
Development and growth 34
Dispersal 36
Longevity 38
Parasites 38
Food capture and feeding 41
Coloration 43
Spiders and people 44
When, where and how to find spiders 46
Essential equipment 48
Additional equipment 49
Collecting techniques 50
Guide to spider families based on appearance 54
Guide to webs 73
Guide to egg-sacs 84
Introduction to the species accounts 96
THE SPECIES ACCOUNTS (see also following pages) 98-420
Working in the field 421
Recording spiders 422
Legislation and conservation 424
Legislation 424
Red Lists 425
British Rarity Status 426
The Amber List 426
List of British spiders 427
Further reading and useful websites 463
The British Arachnological Society 465
Acknowledgements and photographic credits 466
Index 472
Alphabetical list of genera with species accounts 480

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File created: 5/31/2017

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