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The Creation, Production, and Reception of a Novel
Clayton Childress

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


1 Introduction: The Estrangement of Creation, Production, and Reception 1
I The Field Of Creation 15
2 The Structure of Creativity: Or, Why Jarrettsville Almost Wasn't Called Jarrettsville 17
3 Authorial Careers: Or, How $6,000 Becomes a Middle-Class Income 37
II From Creation To Production 59
4 Literary Agents and Double Duties: Or, Why an Author's Success Is Out of Her Control 61
III The Field Of Production 83
5 Decision Making, Taste, and Financial Commitment to Culture: Or, Why Counterpoint Press Accepted Jarrettsville after Rejecting It 85
6 Industry Structure and the Position and Disposition of Publishers: Or, How Some of the End of Jarrettsville Quite Literally Became the Beginning 107
7 Storytelling and Mythmaking: Or, How a One-Sentence Email Nearly Doubled a Print Run 127
IV From Production To Reception 151
8 Retailers and Reviewers: Or, How Being Placed on the Front Table Could Have Tanked Jarrettsville 153
V The Field Of Reception 183
9 Reading Life into Novels: Or, Why a Misanthropic Thug May Not Be All Bad 185
10 Reading Novels into Life: Or, How a Story about the Past Became a Story about the Present 205
VI Connecting The Circuit 223
11 Conclusion: Reconnecting Creation, Production, and Reception 225
Methodological Appendix: From There to Here 245
Acknowledgments 255
Notes 259
References 283
Index 299

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File created: 6/20/2017

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