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The Anatomy of Mountain Ranges
Edited by Jean-Paul Schaer & John Rodgers

Book Description


  • FrontMatter, pg. i
  • Contents, pg. v
  • Contributors, pg. vii
  • Chapter 1. Introduction: Comparative Anatomy in Geology, pg. 3
  • Chapter 2. Differences between Mountain Ranges, pg. 11
  • Chapter 3. Tectonic Framework of Precambrian Belts, pg. 19
  • Chapter 4. A Tectonic Model for the Crustal Evolution of the Baltic Shield, pg. 31
  • Chapter 5. The Lower Allochthon in Southern Norway: An Exhumed Analog of the Southern Appalachians Deep Detachment?, pg. 59
  • Chapter 6. The Structure and Evolution of the Hercynian Fold Belt in the Iberian Peninsula, pg. 65
  • Chapter 7. Evolution and Structure of the High Atlas of Morocco, pg. 107
  • Chapter 8. The Pan-African Belt of West Africa from the Sahara Desert to the Gulf of Benin, pg. 129
  • Chapter 9 Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Andes, Tierra del Fuego: A Summary, pg. 173
  • Chapter 10. Structure and Evolution of the Peruvian Andes, pg. 179
  • Chapter 11. The Kinematic Puzzle of the Neogene Northern Andes, pg. 211
  • Chapter 12. The Tectonics of Táchira: A Sample of North Andean Tectonics, pg. 229
  • Chapter 13. The Appalachian Geosyncline, pg. 241
  • Chapter 14. Comparative Studies on Profiles across the Northwest Himalayas, pg. 261
  • Chapter 15. The Active Taiwan Mountain Belt, pg. 277
  • INDEX, pg. 295

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File created: 4/21/2017

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