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The Philosophical Theology of Jonathan Edwards
Sang Hyun Lee

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Preface to the Expanded Edition ix
Acknowledgments xi
Abbreviations xv
I. Introduction: The Idea of Habit and Edwards' Dynamic Vision of Reality 3
II. The Idea of Habit 15
The Aristotelian-Thomistic Tradition 17
Ideas of Habit in Edwards' Background 22
Edwards'Idea of Habit 34
III. Being as Habit 47
Edwards' Dispositional Ontology 48
Habits and Laws as the Permanence of the Created World 51
IV. Being as Relational and Dynamic 76
Habits and Laws as the Structure of Being 76
Habits and Laws as the Dynamic Principles of Being 95
V. Imagination as the Habit of Mind 115
Locke and the Cambridge Platonists 117
The Imagination of the Habit of Mind 125
VI. Imagination as Aesthetic Sense 147
The Habit of Mind and the Sensation of Beauty 148
The Ontological Function of the Imagination 165
VII. The Increasing Fullness of the Divine Being 170
God as Disposition and Actuality 175
The Fullness of God 185
God's Self-Enlargement ad Extra 196
VIII. God and the Becoming of the World 211
The Temporality of the Self-Enlarging God and the Meaning and Destiny of History 214
The Rhythm of the Becoming of the World 223
Appendix Jonathan Edwards on Nature 243
Index 269

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File created: 4/21/2017

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