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Zhuangzi Speaks:
The Music of Nature
Chih-chung Ts'ai
Translated by Brian Bruya

Book Description


Guide to Pronunciation
The Summer Cicada and the Wonder Tortoise5
The Little Sparrow's Small Happiness7
Hui Shi's Giant Gourd8
The Song Family's Secret Formula10
The Useless Shu Tree12
The Tattooed Yue People15
The Music of the Earth16
Zhao Wen Quits the Zither19
Does Wang Ni Know?20
Is Xi Shi Really Beautiful?22
Li Ji's Tears23
Zhang Wuzi's Dream24
Shadows Talking25
The Dream of the Butterfly26
Three at Dawn and Four at Dusk27
Hui Shi Leans against a Tree28
The Cook Carves Up a Cow29
Passing on the Flame31
The Caged Pheasant32
Like A Mantis Stopping a Cart33
The Horse Lover35
The Earth Spirit's Tree36
A Tree's Natural Life Span38
The Freak40
Oil Burns Itself Out41
The Tiger Trainer42
Toeless Shu43
Nature the Superhero44
Forgetting the Dao45
Zi Sang Questions His Fate46
Digging a Canal in the Ocean Floor47
Are a Duck's Legs Too Short?48
The Lost Goat49
Bandits Have Principles, Too50
Good Wine, Bad Wine52
The Yellow Emperor Questions Guangcheng53
Nature's Friend54
The Old Wheelwright55
The Earth and the Sky57
Crows and Seagulls58
Confucius Sees a Dragon59
Don't Ring the Bull's Nose60
The Wind and the Snake61
Courage of the Sage63
The Frog in the Well65
Learning How to Walk in Handan68
A Crow Eating a Dead Rat69
You're Not a Fish71
Zhuangzi Dreams of a Skeleton72
Sea Birds Don't Like Music74
The Drunk Passenger76
Riding with the Dao77
The Sweet Water is Gone First79
Lin Hui Forsakes a Fortune81
Swallows Nest in the Eaves82
The Mantis Getting the Cicada83
Fan Was Never Destroyed85
Knowledge and the Dao86
Gengsang Forsakes Fame88
The Yellow Emperor and the Pasture Boy89
The Stone Mason and the Ying Man91
Two Nations on a Snail's Antennae93
Zhuangzi Borrows Grain94
The Turtle That Could Predict the Future95
Natural Use97
Catch the Fish, Discard the Trap98
Yang Zhu Studies the Dao99
Zi Gong's Snow-White Clothes100
The Bandit Speaks102
Zhuangzi's Three Swords107
Confucius in the Black Forest114
The Man Who Hated His Footprints117
The Man Who Hated His Shadow118
Like a Drifting Boat119
The Dragonslayer120
Shattering the Dragonpearl122
Don't Make Sacrifices124
Zhuangzi on His Deathbed125

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File created: 4/21/2017

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