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  Mehmed the Conqueror and His Time
Franz Babinger

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Editor's Preface
Note on Spelling and Transliteration
Bk. 1The Ottoman Empire at Murad's accession3
Birth of a prince9
Balkan campaigns - Hungarian counteroffensive16
The crusade of Varna27
A child sultan41
The campaign in Greece44
Murad's last years56
Bk. 2Mehmed's final return to the throne64
The fortress on the Bosporus75
The fall of Constantinople87
Creation of an Ottoman imperial capital101
Repercussions in the West117
Ottoman expansion into the Aegean129
The siege of Belgrade137
Bk. 3Ottoman campaigns - Albania, Serbia, and Greece151
Papal efforts at Western unification167
The last of the Palaeologi173
Eastern adventurers and the fall of Trebizond183
The pope and the sultan197
Vlad the impaler203
Bk. 4The subjection of Bosnia215
Outbreak of war with Venice225
Papal efforts at Crusade233
The Ottomans on the Adriatic251
Anatolian undertakings269
The fall of Negropont279
The Mosque of the Conqueror293
Bk. 5Uzun Hasan in league with the West302
War in the East with Uzun Hasan309
The fall of Mahmud Pasha329
Deathblow to Genoa's Levantine trade341
Ottoman raiders at the gates of Venice and Austria347
Mehmed in Walachia and Moldavia351
The sieges of Kruje and Shkoder359
Bk. 6Peace at last with Venice369
Ottoman landing in southeastern Italy389
Unsuccessful attack on Rhodes397
Mehmed's last campaigns and death401
Bk. 7The personality and empire of Mehmed the Conqueror409
IThe ruler and the man409
IIState and society432
IIIArt literature and science462
IVMehmed the Conqueror and the West494
App. 1. Lists of Rulers and Popes511
App. 2. Glossary513

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File created: 4/21/2017

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