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Muslims through Discourse:
Religion and Ritual in Gayo Society
John R. Bowen

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Note on Transcription
Pt. 1A Genealogy of Divergent Understandings
Ch. 1Introduction3
Ch. 2Religious Disputes in Takengen18
On Modernists and Traditionalists21
Social and Moral Contexts30
Ch. 3Islamic Knowledge in the Highlands, 1900-199039
Languages of Past Piety and Learning40
The Development of Traditionalist Scholarship47
Muhammadiyah: Social and Religious Innovation in the Highlands55
Radical Reform through Islamic Education61
Pt. 2Powerful Speech and Spirit Transactions
Ch. 4Spells, Prayer, and the Power of Words77
Distinctions among Doa82
The Efficacy of Spells87
Quranic Knowledge and Power94
Acquiring Power and Expecting Results101
Ch. 5The Source of Human Powers in History106
The Creation of the World106
The Human Embodiment of Creation115
The Coming of Islam to Aceh124
Ch. 6The Healer's Struggle129
Healers and Knowledge131
Finding the Jin135
Restoring the Balance139
Asking a Spirit to Depart145
Ch. 7Exorcism and Accountability151
Casting Out the Spirits152
The Social Framework of Exorcism162
Ch. 8Farming, Ancestors, and the Sacred Landscape173
Speaking with the Ancestor174
Protecting the Crops and the Community185
Ancestors and Other Sacred Beings194
Ch. 9Adam and Eve's Children202
The Origins of Rice202
Cain, Abel, and the Marriage of Twins209
Hunting, Healing, and Spiritual Siblingship216
Pt. 3Negotiating Public Rituals
Ch. 10Transacting through Food: The Kenduri and Its Critics229
Prayers, Food, and Sacrifice230
Celebrating the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday237
The Child's Entry into the World240
Ch. 11Speaking for the Dead251
Speaking to the Dead at the Grave252
Negotiating the Passage of the Dead259
Chanting for the Deceased262
Ch. 12Sacrifice, Merit, and Self-Interest273
Generating Merit in Isak273
"Selfless Sacrifice" in Takengen279
Ch. 13Worship and Public Life289
Form and Feeling in Worship290
Worshiping Together296
Mosque Politics309
Ch. 14The Social Forms of Religious Change315
Creating Private and Public Spheres315
Two Modes of Cultural Rationalization321
Public Discourse and the State325
Glossary of Gayo and Arabic Terms331

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File created: 4/21/2017

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