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A Certain Idea of France:
French Security Policy and Gaullist Legacy
Philip H. Gordon

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Pt. 1The Gaullist Years1
Ch. 1Perspectives on de Gaulle3
Why Start with de Gaulle?3
De Gaulle and Change: The Provisory and the Permanent6
De Gaulle and the Nation-State in Europe9
De Gaulle's "Idea of France"14
Independence and Grandeur as Goals and Means17
Gaullist Ideas and Gaullist Policies21
Ch. 2The Missing Pillar: France's Role in the Defense of Europe in the 1950s and 1960s23
The Missing Pillar during the Fourth Republic24
The Missing Pillar during the Gaullist Years29
Explaining the "Missing Pillar" under de Gaulle31
France's Nuclear Force and Europe39
The International Context and the French Contribution46
Ch. 3Manipulating Ambiguity: Military Doctrines under de Gaulle and Pompidou53
Conventional Doctrine through the Mid-1960s53
Early Nuclear Doctrines57
The Direct Legacy: The Fourquet Doctrine64
Pompidou's Initial Challenge68
Codified Ambiguity: The White Paper on National Defense70
French Military Doctrine in Retrospect77
Pt. 2Struggling to Adapt79
Ch. 4Giscard's Balancing Act, 1974-198181
The "Post-Gaullist" Period81
Revising France's Military Doctrines83
Reorganizing the Army, 1975-197789
Nuclear Cooperation with the United States92
Opposition to Change and Its Lessons93
Defense Policy and the Economic Constraint100
Conclusions on the Giscardian Experience104
Ch. 5Mitterrand's Adaptations, 1981-1986106
The Socialists' Turnaround and Its Explanations106
Security Policy under the Socialists: Adapting to de Gaulle112
Mitterrand's Atlantic Rapprochement: Adapting to NATO118
The German Role: Adapting to Europe124
Defense Policy and the Economic Constraint Revisited134
The Socialists in Retrospect138
Ch. 6Tensions in the Consensus, 1986-1989139
A Changing Military Context and Its Impact on France140
Cohabitation and the French Defense Debate144
The Debates of Cohabitation146
Cohabitation in Retrospect156
Putting off the Choices: May 1988-May 1989158
Pt. 3France in the New Europe161
Ch. 7The Gaullist Legacy Today: French Security Policy in the 1990s163
A Look Back: Continuity Since de Gaulle163
France and NATO in the 1990s165
France and the European Security Identity172
The Lessons of the Persian Gulf War: The View from Paris178
Conclusions: Continuities amid Change183
Ch. 8Epilogue: The Gaullist Legacy and the Post-Cold War World186
De Gaulle's Post-Cold War World186
Gaullist Military Logic and the New Europe191
Reconciling de Gaulle with Europe197
Glossary of French Terms Used235
Selected Bibliography237

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File created: 4/21/2017

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