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French Literary Fascism:
Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, and the Ideology of Culture
David Carroll

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Introduction: Literature, Culture, Fascism3
Pt. 1The Fathers of French Literary Fascism17
1The Use and Abuse of Culture: Maurice Barres and the Ideology of the Collective Subject19
The Cult of the Self19
Cultural and Racial Typologies27
The Aesthetics of the Collective Subject31
2The Beautiful Community: The Fascist Legacy of Charles Peguy42
Aesthetic Socialism42
Antimodernism and the Spiritualization of History52
Nation, Culture, Race62
3The Nation as Artwork: Charles Maurras and the Classical Origins of French Literary Fascism71
Antiromantic Organicism71
Integral Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, and the Aesthetic Power of the Monarch87
Pt. 2Literary Fascists97
4Fascism as Aesthetic Experience: Robert Brasillach and the Politics of Literature99
Nationalism, Fascism, and the Defense of Literature99
Fascist Joy and the Aestheticizing of Experience114
5The Fascist Imagined Community: The Myths of Europe and Totalitarian Man in Drieu la Rochelle125
The Modernist Political Imagination125
The Ideal of Total Art131
The Fascist Imagination and the Myth of Europe136
Aesthetic Ideals and Collaborationist Politics139
Apocalyptic Fictions142
6Literary Fascism and the Problem of Gender: The Aesthetics of the Body in Drieu la Rochelle147
The Gender(s) of Fascism: Sartre, Adorno, Theweleit147
The Fascist Aesthetics of the Body158
The Trouble with Gender and the Ambivalence of Desire164
7Literary Anti-Semitism: The Poetics of Race in Drumont and Celine171
The Aesthetic Totalization of the Other171
Style and Race180
The Politics of Language and the Poetics of Race186
8The Art of Anti-Semitic Rage: Lucien Rebatet's Aesthetics of Violence196
Aesthetic Sensibility and Anti-Semitism196
The Aesthetic Final Solution207
9A Literary Fascism beyond Fascism: Thierry Maulnier and the Ideology of Culture222
Classicism, Humanism, Fascism223
Tragedy, Violence, and the National Revolution229
The Spiritual Revolution and the Ideal of Culture235
Afterword: Literary Fascism and the Case of Paul de Man248
Notes to the Chapters263

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File created: 4/21/2017

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