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Religions of India in Practice
Edited by Donald S. Lopez Jr.

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Princeton Readings in Religions
Note on Transliteration
Contents by Traditions
1Bengali Songs to Kali55
3Poems of Tukaram92
4The Litany of Names of Manjusri104
5Sikh Hymns to the Divine Name126
6Devotional Hymns from the Sanskrit133
7Tamil Game Songs to Siva145
8In Praise of Muhammad: Sindhi and Urdu Poems159
9Baul Songs187
10Tamil Songs to God as Child209
11The Power of Mantra: A Story of the Five Protectors227
12Royal Temple Dedications235
13How to Partake in the Love of Krsna244
14Women's Songs for Auspicious Occasions269
15The Ocean of Mercury: An Eleventh-Century Alchemical Text281
16Predicting the Future with Dogs288
17How To Worship at Siva's Temple304
18The Order for Khalsa Initiation321
19The Rite of Veneration of Jina Images326
20The Vaisnava Sahajiya Traditions of Medieval Bengal333
21The Goddess Sasthi Protects Children352
22Women's Celebration of Muhammad's Birth367
23The Rescue of Two Drunkards375
24Encountering the Smallpox Goddess: The Auspicious Song of Sitala389
25The Wonders of Sri Mastnath399
26Jain Stories Inspiring Renunciation412
27A Holy Woman of Calcutta418
28Jain Stories of Miraculous Power426
29Mother Ten's Stories434
30The Life of Guru Nanak449
31The Autobiography of a Female Renouncer462
32The Prince with Six Fingers473
33How a Girl Became a Sacred Plant487
34Lives of Sufi Saints495
35Conversations of Sufi Saints513
36Teachings of Two Punjabi Sufi Poets518
37Ascetic Withdrawal or Social Engagement533
38The Bodhisattva Vajrapani's Subjugation of Siva547
39India as a Sacred Islamic Land556
40The Exemplary Devotion of the "Servant of Hari"564
41Satya Pir: Muslim Holy Man and Hindu God578
42Jain Questions and Answers: Who Is God and How Is He Worshiped?598
43Esoteric Knowledge and the Tradition of the Preceptors609
44The Rebuilding of a Hindu Temple627
45The Origin of Linga Worship637

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File created: 10/23/2013

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