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Consumer Rites:
The Buying and Selling of American Holidays
Leigh Eric Schmidt

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Chapter 1


List of Illustrations
Ch. 1Time Is Money17
Church Festivals and Commercial Fairs: The Peddling of Festivity19
"Enterprise Holds Carnival, While Poetry Keeps Lent": From Sabbatarian Discipline to Romantic Longing23
A Commercial Revolution: National Holidays and the Consumer Culture32
Ch. 2St. Valentine's Day Greeting38
St. Valentine's Pilgrimage from Christian Martyr to Patron of Love40
The Handmade and the Ready-Made: Of Puzzle Purses, Chapbooks, and the Valentine Vogue47
Remaking the Holiday's Rituals: The Marketing of Valentines, 1840-186063
Mock Valentines: A Private Charivari77
"A Meaner Sort of Merchandize" or "A Pleasure without Alloy"? The New Fashion Contested and Celebrated85
Expanding Holiday Trade: From Confectioners' Hearts to Hallmark Cards94
Ch. 3Christmas Bazaar105
The Rites of the New Year: Revels, Gifts, Resolutions, and Watch Nights108
The Birth of the Christmas Market, 1820-1900122
Shopping towards Bethlehem: Women and the Victorian Christmas148
Christmas Cathedrals: Wanamaker's and the Consecration of the Marketplace159
Magi, Miracles, and Macy's: Enchantment and Disenchantment in the Modern Celebration169
Putting Christ in Christmas and Keeping Him There: The Piety of Protest175
Ch. 4Easter Parade192
"In the Beauty of the Lilies": The Art of Church Decoration and the Art of Window Display194
Piety, Fashion, and a Spring Promenade210
"A Bewildering Array of Plastic Forms": Easter Knickknacks and Novelties219
Raining on the Easter Parade: Protest, Subversion, and Disquiet234
Ch. 5Mother's Day Bouquet244
Anna Jarvis and the Churches: Sources of a New Celebration246
Commercial Floriculture and the Moral Economy of Flowers: The Marketing of Mother's Day256
Pirates, Profiteers and Trespassers: Negotiating the Bounds of Church, Home, and Marketplace267
The Invention of Father's Day: The Humbug of Modern Ritual275
Epilogue: April Fools? Trade, Trickery, and Modern Celebration293

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File created: 4/27/2015

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