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The Lacanian Subject:
Between Language and Jouissance
Bruce Fink

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Pt. 1Structure: Alienation and the Other
1Language and Otherness3
A Slip of the Other's Tongue3
The Unconscious7
Foreign Bodies11
2The Nature of Unconscious Thought, or How the Other Half "Thinks"14
Heads or Tails16
Randomness and Memory19
The Unconscious Assembles20
Knowledge without a Subject22
3The Creative Function of the Word: The Symbolic and the Real24
Interpretation Hits the Cause28
Incompleteness of the Symbolic Order: The (W)hole in the Other29
Kinks in the Symbolic Order30
Structure versus Cause31
Pt. 2The Lacanian Subject
4The Lacanian Subject35
The Lacanian Subject Is Not the "Individual" or Conscious Subject of Anglo-American Philosophy36
The Lacanian Subject Is Not the Subject of the Statement37
The Lacanian Subject Appears Nowhere in What Is Said38
The Fleetingness of the Subject41
The Freudian Subject42
The Cartesian Subject and Its Inverse42
Lacan's Split Subject44
Beyond the Split Subject46
5The Subject and the Other's Desire49
Alienation and Separation49
The Vel of Alienation51
Desire and Lack in Separation53
The Introduction of a Third Term55
Object a: The Other's Desire59
A Further Separation: The Traversing of Fantasy61
Subjectifying the Cause: A Temporal Conundrum63
Alienation, Separation, and the Traversing of Fantasy in the Analytic Setting66
6Metaphor and the Precipitation of Subjectivity69
The Signified70
Two Faces of the Psychoanalytic Subject72
The Subject as Signified72
The Subject as Breach77
Pt. 3The Lacanian Object: Love, Desire, Jouissance
7Object (a): Cause of Desire83
"Object Relations"84
Imaginary Objects, Imaginary Relations84
The Other as Object, Symbolic Relations87
Real Objects, Encounters with the Real90
Lost Objects93
The Freudian Thing95
Surplus Value, Surplus Jouissance96
8There's No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship98
The Phallus and the Phallic Function101
"There's No Such Thing as a Sexual Relationship"104
Distinguishing between the Sexes105
The Formulas of Sexuation108
A Dissymmetry of Partners113
Woman[crossed off] Does Not Exist115
Other to Herself, Other Jouissance119
The Truth of Psychoanalysis121
Existence and Ex-sistence122
A New Metaphor for Sexual Difference123
Pt. 4The Status of Psychoanalytic Discourse
9The Four Discourses129
The Master's Discourse130
The University Discourse132
The Hysteric's Discourse133
The Analyst's Discourse135
The Social Situation of Psychoanalysis136
There's No Such Thing as a Metalanguage137
10Psychoanalysis and Science138
Science as Discourse138
Suturing the Subject139
Science, the Hysteric's Discourse, and Psychoanalytic Theory141
The Three Registers and Differently "Polarized" Discourses142
Formalization and the Transmissibility of Psychoanalysis144
The Status of Psychoanalysis145
The Ethics of Lacanian Psychoanalysis146
Appendix 1: The Language of the Unconscious153
Appendix 2: Stalking the Cause165
Glossary of Lacanian Symbols173

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File created: 4/21/2017

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