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Religions of China in Practice
Edited by Donald S. Lopez Jr.

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Princeton Readings in Religions
Note on Transliteration
Contents by Tradition
Contents by Chronology
1Deities and Ancestors in Early Oracle Inscriptions41
2Laozi: Ancient Philosopher, Master of Immortality, and God52
3The Lives and Teachings of the Divine Lord of Zitong64
4City Gods and Their Magistrates72
5The Earliest Tales of the Bodhisattva Guanshiyin82
6A Sutra Promoting the White-robed Guanyin as Giver of Sons97
7Zhu Xi on Spirit Beings106
8The Inner Cultivation Tradition of Early Daoism123
9Body Gods and Inner Vision: The Scripture of the Yellow Court149
10An Early Poem of Mystical Excursion156
11Declarations of the Perfected166
12Seduction Songs of One of the Perfected180
13Answering a Summons188
14Visions of Manjusri on Mount Wutai203
15Ny Dan the Manchu Shamaness223
16Teachings of a Spirit Medium229
18Record of the Feng and Shan Sacrifices251
19The Scripture on the Production of Buddha Images261
20The Purification Ritual of the Luminous Perfected268
21Saving the Burning-Mouth Hungry Ghost278
22The Law of the Spirits284
23Shrines to Local Former Worthies293
24Daoist Ritual in Contemporary Southeast China306
25Calling on Souls and Dealing with Spirits: Three Lahu Ritual Texts327
26A Funeral Chant of the Yi Nationality337
27Abridged Codes of Master Lu for the Daoist Community347
28The Scripture in Forty-two Sections360
29The Scripture on Perfect Wisdom for Humane Kings Who Wish to Protect Their States372
30The Buddhism of the Cultured Elite381
31Buddhist Ritual and the State390
32Biography of a Buddhist Layman397
33The Book of Good Deeds: A Scripture of the Ne People405
34Supernatural Retribution and Human Destiny423
35Stories from an Illustrated Explanation of the Tract of the Most Exalted on Action and Response437
36Record of Occultists446
37Imperial Guest Ritual471

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