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The Ultimate Resource 2
Julian L. Simon
With an appreciation by Milton Friedman

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Analytical Contents
List of Figures
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Acknowledgments for the First Edition
Acknowledgments for the Second Edition
Introduction. What Are the Real Population and Resource Problems?3
1The Amazing Theory of Raw-Material Scarcity23
2Why Are Material-Technical Resource Forecasts So Often Wrong?41
3Can the Supply of Natural Resources - Especially Energy - Really Be Infinite? Yes!54
4The Grand Theory73
5Famine 1995? or 2025? or 1975?84
6What Are the Limits on Food Production?97
7The Worldwide Food Situation Now: Shortage Crises, Glut Crises, and Government109
8Are We Losing Ground?127
9Two Bogeymen: "Urban Sprawl" and Soil Erosion139
10Water, Wood, Wetlands - and What Next?151
11When Will We Run Out of Oil? Never!162
12Today's Energy Issues182
13Nuclear Power: Tomorrow's Greatest Energy Opportunity203
14A Dying Planet? How the Media Have Scared the Public212
15The Peculiar Theory of Pollution223
16Whither the History of Pollution?233
17Pollution Today: Specific Trends and Issues241
18Bad Environmental and Resource Scares258
19Will Our Consumer Wastes Bury Us?275
20Should We Conserve Resources for Others' Sakes? What Kinds of Resources Need Conservation?283
21Coercive Recycling, Forced Conservation, and Free-Market Alternatives297
22Standing Room Only? The Demographic Facts311
23What Will Future Population Growth Be?326
24Do Humans Breed Like Flies? Or Like Norwegian Rats?342
25Population Growth and the Stock of Capital357
26Population's Effects on Technology and Productivity367
27Economies of Scope and Education391
28Population Growth, Natural Resources, and Future Generations399
29Population Growth and Land412
30Are People an Environmental Pollution?429
31Are Humans Causing Species Holocaust?439
32A Greater Population Does Not Damage Health, or Psychological and Social Well-Being459
33The Big Economic Picture: Population Growth and Living Standards in MDCs471
34The Big Picture II: LDCs491
35How the Comparisons People Make Affect Their Beliefs about Whether Things Are Getting Better or Worse513
36The Rhetoric of Population Control: Does the End Justify the Means?519
37The Reasoning behind the Rhetoric537
38Ultimately - What Are Your Values?547
39The Key Values557
Conclusion. The Ultimate Resource578
Epilogue. My Critics and I593

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File created: 4/21/2017

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