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Crucibles of Change
Richard V. Fisher, Grant Heiken, & Jeffrey B. Hulen

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Chapter 1


Pt. IVolcanoes and Eruptions1
Ch. 1Politicians and Volcanoes3
A Modern Tragedy: Mount St. Helens7
Ch. 2Why Do Volcanoes Erupt?29
From the Tiny Molecule, Giants Grow34
Volcano Country38
Ch. 3Volcanoes and Eruptions41
Types of Volcanoes43
Volcanic Eruptions48
Two Eruption Types53
Ch. 4Poseidon and Pluto: Water and Volcanoes65
Bikini and the Base Surge69
Taal Volcano71
Maar Volcanoes and Cinder Cones73
A Little-Known Frontier: Volcanic Eruptions under the Sea77
Pt. IIThe Hazards of Volcanoes87
Ch. 5Volcanic Hurricanes89
What Happens inside a Pyroclastic Flow?94
What Goes Up Must Come Down95
Mount Unzen and Merapi95
Firecloud Rock: A Detective Story102
Calderas and Pyroclastic Flows105
Volcanism after a Caldera Collapse111
World War II and the Battle for a Caldera111
Ch. 6Falling Volcanoes and Floods of Mud115
A Mountain Fell117
Debris Avalanches and Slides beneath the Sea123
Volcanic Debris Flows (Lahars)123
Potential Destruction from Mount Rainier129
Ch. 7Lava Flows133
Stopping a Lava Flow137
Interrupting a Lava Flow139
The 1991-1992 Eruption of Mount Etna140
Lava Put to Use142
A Ride on a Lava Flow144
Ch. 8Never Sail through an Eruption Cloud147
A Sailing Ship and a Jet149
Other Encounters with Ash Clouds153
Ash and Aircraft Safety157
Ch. 9The Breath of Volcanoes163
Effects of Volcanic Gases165
The Year without a Summer170
Pt. IIIMyths and Benefits of Volcanoes175
Ch. 10Sometimes the Gods Are Angry177
Volcanoes Assault the Senses179
Changing Ideas from Old to New181
Thera (Santorini): Its Influence on the Modern World182
Volcanoes and the Underworld187
Divine Intervention189
The Making of a Myth194
The Emergence of Volcanology as a Science196
Science and Modern Ritual197
Ch. 11Volcanoes for Consumers199
Skiing and Hot Baths201
Construction Materials and Kitty Litter202
The Grand Tour211
Modern Volcano Tourism214
Ch. 12Volcanic Treasures: Steam, Gold, and Diamonds217
Oil and Volcanoes Don't Mix ... or Do They?224
Volcanoes and Prospectors' Dreams225
Volcanic Gemstones227
Ch. 13From Ashes Grow the Vines231
The Allure of Volcanoes237
Fertility and Rebirth240
Recovery from Vulcan's Devastation241
Ch. 14Volcanic Rocks: Guardians of History245
Volcanic Ash: The Nearly Perfect Preservative247
Human Origins in the Ethiopian Rift248
Preserving Historic Cultures251
Pt. IVLiving near Volcanoes259
Ch. 15Mitigation and Survival261
Assessing the Hazards: The Pulse of Volcanoes266
What Is a Disaster?268
The Lesson of Armero272
Mount Pinatubo: A Success Story275
Volcanologists on the Front Lines279
Dante and the Volcano284
Appendix 1The Volcano Traveler287
Appendix 2Metric Conversion Table312

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File created: 4/21/2017

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