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Kierkegaard's Writings, XXIII:
The Moment and Late Writings
Søren Kierkegaard
Edited and translated, with introduction and notes, by Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Historical Introduction
The Moment and Late Writings
Newspaper Articles 1854-18551
IWas Bishop Mynster a "Truth-Witness," One of "the Authentic Truth-Witnesses" - Is This the Truth?3
IIThere the Matter Rests!9
IIIA Challenge to Me from Pastor Paludan-Muller16
IVThe Point at Issue with Bishop Martensen, as Christianly Decisive for the, Christianly Viewed, Dubious Previously Established Ecclesiastical Order19
VTwo New Truth-Witnesses25
VIAt Bishop Mynster's Death28
VIIIs This Christian Worship or Is It Making a Fool of God?30
VIIIWhat Must Be Done - It Will Happen either through Me or through Someone Else33
IXThe Religious Situation35
XA Thesis - Just One Single One39
XI"Salt"; Because "Christendom" Is: the Decay of Christianity; "a Christian World" Is: a Falling Away from Christianity41
XIIWhat Do I Want?46
XIIIOn the Occasion of an Anonymous Proposal to Me in No. 79 of This Newspaper50
XIVWould It Be Best Now to "Stop Ringing the Alarm"?51
XVChristianity with a Royal Certificate and Christianity without a Royal Certificate54
XVIWhat Cruel Punishment!56
XVIIA Result60
XVIIIA Monologue64
XIXConcerning a Fatuous Pompousness in Regard to Me and the Conception of Christianity to Which I Am Calling Attention66
XXFor the New Edition of Practice in Christianity69
This Must Be Said; So Let It Be Said71
XXIThat Bishop Martensen's Silence Is (1) Christianly Indefensible; (2) Ludicrous; (3) Obtuse-Sagacious; (4) in More Than One Regard Contemptible79
The Moment, 1-287
What Christ Judges of Official Christianity127
The Moment, 3-7139
The Changelessness of God263
The Moment, 8-9283
AppendixThe Moment, 10327
Key to References356
Background Material Pertaining to Faedrelandet [Newspaper] Articles359
Original Front Page of Faedrelandet, December 18, 1854, and Original Title Pages of This Must Be Said; So Let It Be Said; The Moment, No. 1; What Christ Judges of Official Christianity; The Changelessness of God372
Selected Entries from Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers Pertaining to the Articles and The Moment and Late Writings383
Editorial Appendix613
Collation of Faedrelandet [Newspaper] Articles, The Moment, and Late Writings in the Danish Editions of Kierkegaard's Collected Works617
Bibliographical Note655

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File created: 11/11/2014

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