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Making the Body Beautiful:
A Cultural History of Aesthetic Surgery
Sander L. Gilman

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Chapter 1


List of Illustrations ix
Preface xvii
CHAPTER ONE: Judging by Appearances 3
What Is Aesthetic Surgery? 3
Why Is It Aesthetic Surgery? 8
Remaking the Self 16
"Passing" 21
Criminal Bodies 26
Gender Questions 31
"Before and After" 36
CHAPTER TWO: Victory over Disease 42
Amy and the Princess 42
The Syphilitic Nose 49
The Strange Case of Tristram Shandy 60
Renaissance Noses 66
A Cure from the Colonies 73
CHAPTER THREE: The Racial Nose 85
Enlightenment Noses 85
The Jewish Nose 88
Irish Noses 91
"Oriental" Noses-and Eyes 98
Black into White ill
CHAPTER FOUR: Marks of Honor and Dishonor 119
Character Inscribed on the Face 119
Too-Jewish Ears and Noses 124
The Telltale Foreskin 137
Greek Ideals 144
CHAPTER FIVE: Noses at War 157
Fixing Shattered Faces 157
Patriotic Noses and Weimar Surgery 169
Nazi Noses 177
CHAPTER SIX: Assimilation in the Promised Lands 186
Helping Jews Become Americans 186
The Israeli Experience 199
The Importance of Being Barbra 202
CHAPTER SEVEN: After the Nose 206
Erotic Bodies 206
Buttocks Have Meaning 210
Big Breasts and Bellies 218
Small Breasts -- No Breasts? 237
CHAPTER EIGHT: The Wrong Body 258
Men with Breasts 258
Transsexual Surgery 268
The First Cut Is the Deepest 288
CHAPTER NINE: Dreams of Youth and Beauty 295
Beauty and Age 295
Post-Aesthetic Bodies 319
CONCLUSION: "Passing" as Human 329
Notes 335
Index 385

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File created: 11/11/2014

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