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Starlings and Mynas
Chris Feare & Adrian Craig
Illustrated by Barry Croucher, Chris Shields, and Kamol Komolphalin

Book Description


Using this guide11
The starling family13
Distribution, habitat and social behaviour27
Starlings and man40
Colour plates and distribution maps47
Species accounts113
1Shining Starling113
2Yellow-eyed Starling115
3Singing Starling115
4Tanimbar Starling117
5Atoll Starling117
6Rennell Starling118
7Long-tailed Starling118
8White-eyed Starling119
9Brown-winged Starling120
10Makira Starling121
11Rufous-winged Starling122
12Striated Starling123
13Mountain Starling123
14Asian Glossy Starling123
15Moluccan Starling125
16Short-tailed Starling126
17Micronesian Starling127
18Pohnpei Mountain Starling129
19Polynesian Starling129
20Samoan Starling130
21Rarotonga Starling131
22Yellow-faced Myna132
23Long-tailed Myna133
24Golden-breasted Myna133
25Sulawesi Crested Myna134
26Helmeted Myna135
27Long-crested Myna136
28Apo Myna136
30White-necked Myna138
31Bare-eyed Myna138
32Flame-browed Starling139
33Grosbeak Myna140
34Spot-winged Starling141
35Madagascar Starling142
36Golden-crested Myna143
37Common Hill Myna143
38Southern Hill Myna146
39Enggano Hill Myna147
40Nias Hill Myna147
41Sri Lanka Hill Myna148
42Great Myna148
43Crested Myna149
44White-vented Myna151
45Pale-bellied Myna152
46Jungle Myna153
47Collared Myna154
48Bank Myna155
49Common Myna157
50Vinous-breasted Myna161
51Black-winged Myna162
52Bali Myna163
53Black-collared Myna166
54Asian Pied Myna167
55Purple-backed Starling168
56Red-cheeked Starling170
57White-shouldered Starling172
58Chestnut-tailed Starling173
59White-headed Starling174
60White-faced Starling175
61Brahminy Starling175
62Rose-coloured Starling177
63Red-billed Starling181
64White-cheeked Starling182
65Common Starling183
66Spotless Starling189
67Wattled Starling192
68Cape Glossy Starling197
69Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling199
70Lesser Blue-eared Glossy Starling201
71Bronze-tailed Glossy Starling203
72Splendid Glossy Starling203
73Principle Glossy Starling206
74Emerald Starling207
75Purple Glossy Starling208
76Ruppell's Long-tailed Glossy Starling209
77Long-tailed Glossy Starling210
78Golden-breasted Starling211
79Meves' Long-tailed Glossy Starling212
80Burchell's Glossy Starling214
81Sharp-tailed Glossy Starling215
82Black-bellied Glossy Starling216
83Superb Starling218
84Hildebrandt's Starling219
85Shelley's Starling220
86Chestnut-bellied Starling221
87Purple-headed Glossy Starling222
88Coppery-tailed Starling223
89Amethyst Starling224
90African Pied Starling227
91Fischer's Starling229
92Ashy Starling230
93White-crowned Starling231
94Red-winged Starling232
95Slender-billed Red-winged Starling234
96Chestnut-winged Starling236
97Waller's Red-winged Starling237
98Somali Red-winged Starling238
99Socotra Red-winged Starling239
100Tristram's Red-winged Starling240
101Pale-winged Starling241
102Bristle-crowned Starling242
103White-billed Starling243
104Neumann's Red-winged Starling244
105Narrow-tailed Starling245
106Stuhlmann's Starling246
107Kenrick's Starling247
108Sharpe's Starling248
109Abbott's Starling249
110White-collared Starling249
111Magpie Starling250
112White-winged Babbling Starling251
113Red-billed Oxpecker252
114Yellow-billed Oxpecker257
Index of species282

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File created: 4/21/2017

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