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New World Blackbirds:
The Icterids
Alvaro Jaramillo & Peter Burke

Book Description


Systematics and Taxonomy12
Plumages and Topography16
Behaviour and Evolution19
Notes on the Species Accounts22
Notes on the Colour Plates, Captions and Maps25
Colour Plates and Distribution Maps27
Species Accounts107
1Casqued Oropendola: Psarocolius oseryi107
2Crested Oropendola: Psarocolius decumanus108
3Green Oropendola: Psarocolius viridis112
4Dusky-green Oropendola: Psarocolius atrovirens114
5Russet-backed Oropendola: Psarocolius angustifrons117
5X'Yellow-billed Oropendola': Psarocolius (angustifrons) alfredi119
6Chestnut-headed Oropendola: Psarocolius wagleri123
7Montezuma Oropendola: Psarocolius montezuma125
8Baudo Oropendola: Psarocolius cassini128
9Olive Oropendola: Psarocolius (bifasciatus?) yuracares129
10Para Oropendola: Psarocolius bifasciatus131
11Black Oropendola: Psarocolius guatimozinus132
12Band-tailed Oropendola: Ocyalus latirostris134
13Yellow-rumped Cacique: Cacicus cela136
14Red-rumped Cacique: Cacicus haemorrhous140
15Scarlet-rumped Cacique: Cacicus microrhynchus142
16Subtropical Cacique: Cacicus uropygialis144
17Golden-winged Cacique: Cacicus chrysopterus145
18Mountain Cacique: Cacicus chrysonotus147
19Selva Cacique: Cacicus koepckeae149
20Ecuadorian Cacique: Cacicus sclateri150
21Solitary Cacique: Cacicus solitarius151
22Yellow-winged Cacique: Cacicus melanicterus153
23Yellow-billed Cacique: Amblycercus holosericeus155
24Moriche Oriole: Icterus chrysocephalus157
25Epaulet Oriole: Icterus cayanensis159
26Yellow-backed Oriole: Icterus chrysater162
27Yellow Oriole: Icterus nigrogularis164
28Jamaican Oriole: Icterus leucopteryx167
29Orange Oriole: Icterus auratus169
30Yellow-tailed Oriole: Icterus mesomelas172
31Orange-crowned Oriole: Icterus auricapillus174
32White-edged Oriole: Icterus graceannae176
33Spot-breasted Oriole: Icterus pectoralis178
34Altamira Oriole: Icterus gularis181
35Streak-backed Oriole: Icterus pustulatus183
36Hooded Oriole: Icterus cucullatus189
37Troupial: Icterus icterus193
38Campo Troupial: Icterus jamaicaii196
39Orange-backed Troupial: Icterus croconotus197
40Baltimore Oriole: Icterus galbula199
40XHybrid Baltimore x Bullock's Orioles: Icterus galbula x bullockii
41Bullock's Oriole: Icterus bullockii206
42Black-backed Oriole: Icterus abeillei211
43Orchard Oriole: Icterus spurius213
43X'Fuerte's Oriole': lcterus spurius fuertesi217
44Black-vented Oriole: Icterus wagleri218
45Black-cowled Oriole: Icterus dominicensis221
46Montserrat Oriole: Icterus oberi226
47Martinique Oriole: Icterus bonana227
48St. Lucia Oriole: Icterus laudabilis229
49Audubon's Oriole: Icterus graduacauda231
50Bar-winged Oriole: Icterus maculialatus233
51Scott's Oriole: Icterus parisorum235
52Jamaican Blackbird: Nesopsar nigerrimus238
53Oriole Blackbird: Gymnomystax mexicanus240
54Yellow-headed Blackbird: Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus242
55Saffron-cowled Blackbird: Xanthopsar flavus245
56Pale-eyed Blackbird: Agelaius xanthophthalmus248
57Unicolored Blackbird: Agelaius cyanopus249
58Yellow-winged Blackbird: Agelaius thilius251
59Yellow-hooded Blackbird: Agelaius icterocephalus253
60Chestnut-capped Blackbird: Agelaius ruficapillus256
61Red-winged Blackbird: Agelaius phoeniceus258
61X'Bicolored Blackbird': Agelaius phoeniceus gubernator266
62Tricolored Blackbird: Agelaius tricolor269
63Tawny-shouldered Blackbird: Agelaius humeralis273
64Red-shouldered Blackbird: Agelaius assimilis275
65Yellow-shouldered Blackbird: Agelaius xanthomus277
66Red-breasted Blackbird: Sturnella militaris281
67White-browed Blackbird: Sturnella superciliaris284
68Peruvian Meadowlark: Sturnella bellicosa285
69Pampas Meadowlark: Sturnella defilippi287
70Long-tailed Meadowlark: Sturnella loyca290
71Eastern Meadowlark: Sturnella magna292
71X'Lilian's Meadowlark': Sturnella magna lilianae300
72Western Meadowlark: Sturnella neglecta302
73Yellow-rumped Marshbird: Pseudoleistes guirahuro306
74Brown-and-yellow Marshbird: Pseudoleistes virescens307
75Scarlet-headed Blackbird: Amblyramphus holosericeus309
76Red-bellied Grackle: Hypopyrrhus pyrohypogaster311
77Austral Blackbird: Curaeus curaeus312
78Forbes's Blackbird: Curaeus forbesi315
79Chopi Blackbird: Gnorimopsar chopi317
80Bolivian Blackbird: Oreopsar bolivianus320
81Velvet-fronted Grackle: Lampropsar tanagrinus322
82Tepui Mountain-Grackle: Macroagelaius imthurni323
83Colombian Mountain-Grackle: Macroagelaius subularis325
84Cuban Blackbird: Dives atroviolacea327
85Melodious Blackbird: Dives dives329
86Scrub Blackbird: Dives warszewiczi331
87Great-tailed Grackle: Quiscalus mexicanus333
88Boat-tailed Grackle: Quiscalus major338
89Slender-billed Grackle: Quiscalus palustris342
90Nicaraguan Grackle: Quiscalus nicaraguensis344
91Common Grackle: Quiscalus quiscula346
92Greater Antillean Grackle: Quiscalus niger350
93Carib Grackle: Quiscalus lugubris353
94Rusty Blackbird: Euphagus carolinus357
95Brewer's Blackbird: Euphagus cyanocephalus360
96Baywing (Cowbird) Molothrus (Agelaioides) badius364
96X'Pale Baywing': Agelaioides (Molothrus) badius fringillarius367
97Screaming Cowbird: Molothrus rufoaxillaris368
98Giant Cowbird: Scaphidura (Molothrus) oryzivora371
99Bronzed Cowbird: Molothrus aeneus374
100Bronze-brown Cowbird: Molothrus (aeneus) armenti378
101Brown-headed Cowbird: Molothrus ater380
102Shiny Cowbird: Molothrus bonariensis385
103Bobolink: Dolichonyx oryzivorus390

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File created: 4/21/2017

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