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Capitalism, Democracy, and Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery
John Mueller

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Acknowledgments xi
CHAPTER I Capitalism and Democracy: Images and Image Mismatches 5
Capitalism 6
Democracy 7
Ralph's Grocery 10
The Plan of the Book 12
CHAPTER 2 Capitalism's Image 21
The Capitalist Virtues 22
The Capitalist Virtues and the Monopolist 38
The Essential Insincerity of Capitalist Morality 38
My Nice Guys Finish First 42
Extrapolating the Capitalist Virtues 43
Capitalist Culture, Capitalist Inequality and Unfairness, Capitalist Competition 45
The Profound Irrationality of Capitalism: Investors as Unintended Altruists 54
CHAPTER 3 Sources of Capitalism's Negative Image 57
Socialists and Communists 57
storytellers 58
Intellectuals 61
Religion 65
Aristocrats and the Honorable 66
Ineffective Capitalist Propaganda 68
Capitalists 70
CHAPTER 4 The Consequences of Capitalism's Image for Economic Development 72
The Unequal Rate of Economic Development 73
Superimposing the Capitalist Virtues 75
Virtue as a Business Innovation 77
The Rise of Business Virtue 83
The Relative Importance of Business Virtue in Economic Development 93
The Relevance of an Effective Legal System to Economic Development 95
CHAPTER 5 Development, Happiness, and the Rise of the Politically Incorrect One-Handed Economist 99
One-Handedness 100
Political Incorrectness 104
Four Economic Propositions That Have Become Increasingly Accepted 106
The Prospects for Massive Economic Growth 122
Economic Development, Professed Happiness, and the Catastrophe Quota 123
Development and the Quest for Happiness 132
CHAPTER 6 Images and Definitions 137
Defining Democracy: Responsive Government 138
Elections: Useful, but Not Essential 140
Political Inequality 145
Democracy in Practice: Coopting the Wealthy 147
Minority Rule and Majority Acquiescence 152
Democracy in Comparison 153
Democracy and Real People 161
CHAPTER 7 Consequences of the Democratic Image 164
Cynicism about the Democratic Process 166
Hyperdemocracy 185
The Rebellion of Minorities 187
The Trouble with Transitology 189
CHAPTER 8 The Rise of Democracy 192
A Democratic Dialogue 193
The Historical Movement of Ideas 195
The Correlates of Democracy 197
The Marketing of Democracy 202
Examining the Third Wave 212
The Future of Democracy 222
CHAPTER 9 Democracy and Capitalism: Connections and Disconnections 231
Capitalism without Democracy, Democracy without Capitalism 231
Democracy's Connection with Capitalist Prosperity 234
Democracy's Connection to Capitalist Growth 235
The Connection of Democracy and Capitalism with Crime 238
Conceptional Connections between Democracy and Capitalism 240
APPENDIX An Inventory of Propositions 243
Notes 255
References 289
Index 317

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File created: 4/21/2017

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