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Spoken Like a Woman:
Speech and Gender in Athenian Drama
Laura McClure

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CHAPTER ONE The City of Words: Speech in the Athenian Polis 3
Speech and the Construction of Civic Identity 8
Speech in the neater of Dionysus 15
The Silence of Athenian Women 19
Women as Speakers in Athenian Drama 24
Summary of Chapters 29
CHAPTER TWO Gender and Verbal Genres in Ancient Greece 32
Ancient Observations about Women's Speech 38
Lamentation 40
Aischrologia 47 Choruses of Girls and Women 52
Gossip and Volubility 56
Seductive Persuasion 62
Conclusion 68
CHAPTER THREE Logos Gunaikos: Speech and Gender in Aeschylus' Oresteia 70
The Male Chorus as Internal Audience 72
Gender and Performance: Clytemnestra's Shifting Verbal Genres 73
Clytemnestra's Binding Song 80
The Lament of Cassandra 92
Clytemnestra's Heroic Speech and the Feminized Chorus 97
Speech and Gender in the Choephori 100
Orestes and judicial Speech 104
Women's Speech in the Pairs: The Eumenides 105
Conclusion 111
CHAPTER FOUR At the House Door: Phaedra and the Politics of Reputation 112
Phaedra's Concern for Reputation 116
Eros and Illusion: Aphrodite's Prologue 119
Hippolytus and the Language of Prayer 121
Women's Traffic in Speech.- The Chorus 123
Phaedra's Shameful Speech 125
Eros and Rhetoric: Phaedra's Great Speech 127
The Nurse's Charm of Speech 135
Hippolytus' Invective against Women 142
The Agon and judicial Discourse 146
The Song of Girls and the Laments of Men 153
Conclusion 157
CHAPTER FIVE Women's Wordy Strife: Gossip and Invective in Euripides' Andromache 158
The Status of Speech in the Andromache 161
Spartan Women and Their Speech 164
Hermione's False Accusations 168
Female Nature on Trial: The First Agon 170
The Male Intruder: The Second Agon 183
Helen and the Education of Women: The Third Agon 186
Hermione's Invective against Women 193
Slander: The Male Disease 198
Rescuing Marriage: Peleus and Thetis 201
Conclusion 203
CHAPTER SIX Obscenity, Gender, and Social Status in Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae and Ecclsiazusae 205
Gender and Comic Obscenity 206
Ritual and the Origins of Comic Obscenity 215
Comic Masculinity: The Relative in the Thesmophoriazusae 218
Rendering the Female: The Relative's Flawed Performance 226
Rhetoric and Obscenity at the Thesmophoria 228
The Scythian Archer and the Recovery of Masculinity 235
A Female Rhetor: Praxagora in the Ecclesiazusae 236
Blepyrus' Scatological Obscenity 246
Speech in the Gynaecocracy 248
The Speech of Older Women 253
Conclusion 258
CHAPTER SEVEN Conclusion 260

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File created: 11/1/2016

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