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American Archives:
Gender, Race, and Class in Visual Culture
Shawn Michelle Smith

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List of Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xii
Introduction American Archives 3
Chapter One Prying Eyes and Middle-Class Magic in The House of the Seven Gables 11
"Magnetic" Daguerreotypes and the Masculine Gaze 12
Evil Eyes and Feminine Essence 19
Making the House a Home 24
The Public Private Sphere 26
Chapter Two The Properties of Blood 29
The Blood That Flows in Subterranean Pipes 31
Blood, Character, and Race 41
The Spectacle of Race 45
Seeing Bloodlines 47
Chapter Three Superficial Depths 51
The Portrait and the Likeness. Photographing the Soul 55
Class Acts: Real Things and True Performances 62
The Criminal Body and the Portrait of a Type 68
Consuming Commodities: Gender in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 93
Chapter Four "Baby's Picture Is Always Treasured": Eugenics and the Reproduction of Whiteness in the Family Photograph Album 113
Mechanically Reproducing Baby 115
Reproducing Racial Inheritance 122
Sentimental Aura and the Evidence of Race 132
Chapter Five America Coursing through Her Veins 136
From the Bonds of Love to Bloodlines 137
America's White Aristocracy 141
In the Name of White Womanhood 144
"A Heritage Unique in the Ages" 150
Chapter Six Photographing the "American Negro": Nation, Race, and Photography at the Paris Exposition of 1900 157
Racialized Bodies, National Character, and Photographic Documentation 158
Making Americans 167
Conserving Race in the Nation 177
Chapter Seven Looking Back: Pauline Hopkins's Challenge to Eugenics 187
Envisioning Race: Bodies on Display in Hagar's Daughter "Sons of One Father" 194
Excavating the Hidden Self 198
Visions beyond the Color Line 203
Chapter Eight Reconfiguring a Masculine Gaze 206
Visions of Commodified Identity in Consumer Culture 207
Conspicuous Consumption under a Masculine Gaze: Rethinking Gender in Sister Carrie 210
Parting Glances 220
Afterimages A Brief Look at American Visual Culture in the 1990s 222
Notes 227
Bibliography 271
Index 291

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File created: 4/21/2017

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