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The Populist Paradox:
Interest Group Influence and the Promise of Direct Legislation
Elisabeth R. Gerber

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List of Figures
List of Tables xi
Acknowledgments xiii
1. What Is the Populist Paradox? 3
A Theory of Interest Group Influence 6
Motivation: The Study of Interest Group Influence 10
Justification: Why Study Direct Legislation? 15
Plan of the Book 19
2. Interest Group Choice 21
Forms of Influence 21
Interest Group Choice 27
Achieving Influence 30
Summary and Conclusions 36
3. Direct Legislation Hurdles 37
Achieving Direct Modifying Influence 38
Achieving Direct Preserving Influence
Achieving Indirect Modifying Influence 50
Achieving Indirect Preserving Influence: Opposing an Initiative to Signal the Legislature 52
Behavioral Hurdles 52
Summary and Conclusions 58
4. Group Characteristics and Resources 59
Monetary and Personnel Resources 59
Using Resources to Overcome Hurdles 60
Membership Characteristics 65
Classifying Groups and Their Resources 69
Hypotheses about Motivations and Forms of Influence 71
Summary 75
5. Motivations and Strategies 76
Methodology 76
What Do Groups Say They Do? 80
What Do Groups Actually Do? 93
Summary and Conclusions 100
6.Direct Policy Consequences 101
Direct Policy Consequences 101
Summary and Conclusions 119
7. Indirect Policy Consequences 121
State Policy Differences 122
Summary and Conclusions 136
8.The Populist Paradox: Reality Or Illusion? 137
Economic Group Limitations 137
Citizen Group Dominance 140
Implications for the Study of Direct Legislation 140
Implications for the Study Of Interest Group Influence 141
Positive versus Normative Implications 142
A Final Assessment 146
Appendixes 147
A. Direct Legislation Institutions 147
B. Survey Of Organizations 152
References 159
Index 165

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File created: 4/21/2017

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