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Meritocracy and Economic Inequality
Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Samuel Bowles, & Steven Durlauf

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By Kenneth Arrow, Samuel Bowles, Steven Durlauf
Pt. 1. Merit, Reward, and Opportunity
1. Merit and Justice
By Amartya Sen
2. Equality of Opportunity
By John E. Roemer
Pt. 2. The Causes and Consequences of "Intelligence"
3. IQ Trends over Time: Intelligence, Race, and Meritocracy
By James R. Flynn
4. Genes, Culture, and Inequality
By Marcus W. Feldman, Sarah R. Otto, Freddy B. Christiansen
Pt. 3. Schooling and Economic Opportunity
5. Schooling, Intelligence, and Income in America
By Orley Ashenfelter, Cecilia Rouse
6. Does Schooling Raise Earnings by Making People Smarter?
By Samuel Bowles, Herbert Gintis
7. A Reanalysis of The Bell Curve: Intelligence, Family Background, and Schooling
By Sanders Korenman, Christopher Winship
8. Occupational Status, Education, and Social Mobility in the Meritocracy
By Robert M. Hauser, John Robert Warren, Min-Hsiung Huang
Contributors: "et al."
9. Understanding the Role of Cognitive Ability in Accounting for the Recent Rise in the Economic Return to Education
By John Cawley, James Heckman, Lance Lochner
Contributors: "et al."
Pt. 4. Policy Options
10. Inequality and Race: Models and Policy
By Shelly J. Lundberg, Richard Startz
11. Conceptual Problems in the Enforcement of Anti-Discrimination Laws
By Glenn Loury
12. Meritocracy, Redistribution, and the Size of the Pie
By Roland Benabou

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File created: 10/23/2013

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