The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 12:
Marginalia: Part 5. Sherlock to Unidentified
Edited by H. J. Jackson & George Whalley

Book Description


William Sherlock A Vindication of the Trinity 3
Algernon Sidney Works 36
Sir Philip Sidney Arcadia 46
Six Letters on Intolerance see Sir George COLEBROOKE
Six Letters to Granville Sharpe see Christopher WORDSWORTH
Six Months in the West Indies see Henry Nelson COLERIDGE
Philip Skelton Complete Works 48
Charles Smith Seven Letters on National Religion 78
John Smith Select Discourses 80
John Soame Hampstead-Wells see "MEDICAL TREATISES"
Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand Solger Philosophische Gespräche 87
Robert Southey
ed Annual Anthology see ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY
The Doctor 96
History of Brazil 101
Joan of Arc 108
Life of Wesley 120
Lives of the British Admirals 194
Omniana see OMNIANA
"On Dissenters" see QUARTERLY REVIEW
Friedrich Spee Trutz Nachtigal 198
Benedict Spinoza Opera quae supersunt omnia 199
John Spottiswoode The History of the Church of Scotland 221
Thomas Stanley The History of Philosophy 222
Mariana Starke Travels on the Continent 239
William Steele Mr Recorder's Speech 240
Heinrich Steffens
Anthropologie 241
Beytrdge zur innern Naturgeschichte der Erde 255
Caricaturen des Heiligsten 268
Die gegenwärtige Zeit 307
Geognostisch-geologische Aufsätze 334
Grundzüge der philosophischen Naturwissenschaft 352
Ueber die Idee der Universitäten 361
[John Sterling] Arthur Coningsby 373
Dugald Stewart Dissertation First 376
Sir William Stewart Outlines of a Plan for the General Reform of the British Land Forces 377
Edward Stillingfleet Origines Sacrae 382
Henry Stobert see S. MAXWELL
John Strype
The History of the Life ... [of] Edward Grindal 389
Memorials of... Thomas Cranmer 392
Johann Caspar Suicerus Thesaurus ecclesiasticus 401
Emanuel Swedenborg
De coelo et ejus mirabilibus, et de inferno 403
De cultu et amore Dei 426
De equo albo 432
The Nature of the Intercourse between the Soul and the Body 440
Oeconomia regni animalis 441
Prodromus philosophiae 454
Regnum animale 462
True Christian Religion 463
The Wisdom of Angels 473
Jonathan Swift Works 475
Thomas Swinburne A Letter to ... Robert Peel 478
Isaac Taylor
Elements of Thought 479
Natural History of Enthusiasm 480
Jeremy Taylor
[Greek]. A Course of Sermons 486
The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living Holy Dying COPY A 488
The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living Holy Dying COPY B 490
[Greek] Polemicall Discourses 499
The Worthy Communicant 669
John Taylor An Essay on Money 686
Esaias Tegnér Die Frithiofs-Sage 688
Wilhelm Gottlieb Tennemann Geschichte der Philosophie 691
Alfred Lord Tennyson Poems, Chiefly Lyrical 817
St Teresa Works 818
Johann Nicolaus Tetens Philosophische Versuche 824
Theodor see Wilhelm DE WETTE
Jean de Thévenot Travels into the Levant 830
Thomas Thomson A System of Chemistry 847
Johann Ludwig Tieck
The Old Man of the Mountain 848
Phantasus 849
William Tindal The History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Borough of Evesham 850
Todtentanz see ADDENDA CM (CC) vi: La danse des morts
"Tracts" 851
Charles Tennyson Turner Sonnets and Fugitive Pieces 853
George Turner see "MEDICAL TREATISES"
Unidentified 866

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File created: 4/27/2015

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