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Written on the Body:
The Tattoo in European and American History
Edited by Jane Caplan

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Notes on the Editor and Contributors vii
Introduction JANE CAPLAN xi
1 Stigma and Tattoo C. P. JONES 1
2 The Tattoo in the Later Roman Empire and Beyond MARK GUSTAFSON 17
3 Insular Celtic Tattooing: History, Myth and Metaphor CHARLES W. MACQUARRIE 32
4 Wearing the Universe: Symbolic Markings in Early Modern England JENNIPHER ALLEN ROSECRANS 46
5 The Renaissance Tattoo JULIET FLEMING 61
6 Curiously Marked: Tattooing and Gender Difference in Eighteenth-century British Perceptions of the South Pacific HARRIET GUEST 83
7 Godna: Inscribing Indian Convicts in the Nineteenth Century CLARE ANDERSON 102
8 Skin Deep Devotions: Religious Tattoos and Convict Transportation to Australia HAMISH MAXWELL-STEWART AND IAN DUFFIELD 118
9 Body Commodification? Class and Tattoos in Victorian Britain JAMES BRADLEY 136
10 'National Tattooing': Traditions of Tattooing in Nineteenth-century
Europe JANE CAPLAN 156
11 Branding the Other/Tattooing the Self: Bodily Inscription among Convicts in Russia and the Soviet Union ABBY M. SCHRADER 174
12 On Display: Tattooed Entertainers in America and Germany STEPHAN OETTERMANN 193
13 The Changing Image of Tattooing in American Culture, 1846-1966 ALAN GOVENAR 212
14 Inscriptions of the Self: Reflections on Tattooing and Piercing in Contemporary Euro-America SUSAN BENSON 234
References 255
Select Bibliography 302
Acknowledgements 306
Photographic Acknowledgements 307
Index 308

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File created: 11/11/2014

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