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Lions and Eagles and Bulls:
Early American Tavern and Inn Signs from The Connecticut Historical Society
Edited by Susan P. Schoelwer

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Foreword by DAVID M. KAHN x
Acknowledgments xi
Chapter 1: Contributors 1
Introduction: Rediscovering the Public Art of Early American Inn Signs by Susan P. Schoelwer 2
Chapter 2 Signs of the Times: A Brief Cultural History of Sign Painting by Bryan J. Wolf 14
Chapter 3 Reading the Signs: An Object History of Tavern Signs from Connecticut, 1750-1850 by Philip D. Zimmerman 22
Chapter 4 "Some suitable Signe . . . for the direction of Strangers": Signboards and the Enterprise of Innkeeping in Connecticut by Margaret C. Vincent 36
Chapter 5 Lions and Eagles and Other Images on Early Inn Signs by Nancy Finlay 56
Chapter 6 "Faithfully and Promptly Executed": A Conservator's View of Sign Painting by Sandra L. Webber 66
Chapter 7 Weather It Is or Whether It Isn't by Alexander M . Carlisle 80
Chapter 8 From Tavern Signs to Golden Arches: A Landscape of Signs Catherine Gudis 84
Chapter 9 Signs of the Past in the Present Kenneth L. Ames 94
Chapter 10 Afterword: Signs in American Art and Cultural History by Susan P. Schoelwer 102
CATALOGUE: Plates of The Connecticut Historical Society Collection of Early American Tavern and Inn Signs 111
Morgan B. Brainard, 1879-195'7, and the Brainard Tavern Sign Collection by Ellsworth S. Grant 178
Catalogue Entries by Philip D. Zimmerman, Margaret C. Vincent and Susan P. Schoelwer 182
Appendix 1: Sign Painters in Connecticut, 1760-1850 by Margaret C. Vincent 243
Appendix 2: Checklist of Connecticut Tavern and Inn Signs by Philip D. Zimmerman and Margaret C. Vincent 256
Appendix 3: Conservation Treatment Protocol 261
Further Readings 264
Index 269

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File created: 4/21/2017

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