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After the War Was Over:
Reconstructing the Family, Nation, and State in Greece, 1943-1960
Edited by Mark Mazower

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Abbreviations and Glossary of Terms ix
Introduction by Mark Mazower 1
Chapter One Three Forms of Political Justice: Greece, 1944-1945 by Mark Mazower 24
Chapter Two The Punishment of Collaborators in Northern Greece, 1945-1946 by Eleni Haidia 42
Chapter Three Purging the University after Liberation by Procopis Papastratis 62
Chapter Four Between Negation and Self-Negation: Political Prisoners in Greece, 1945-1950 by Polymeris Voglis 73
Chapter Five Children in Turmoil during the Civil War: Today's Adults by Mando Dalianis and Mark Mazower 91
Chapter Six Left-Wing Women between Politics and Family by Tassoula Vervenioti 105
Chapter Seven The Impossible Return: Coping with Separation and the Reconstruction of Memory in the Wake of the Civil War by Riki van Boeschoten 122
Chapter Eight Red Terror: Leftist Violence during the Occupation by Stathis N. Kalyvas 142
Chapter Nine The Civil War in Evrytania by John Sakkas 184
Chapter Ten The Policing of Deskati, 1942-1946 by Lee Sarafis 210
Chapter Eleven Protocol and Pageantry: Celebrating the Nation in Northern Greece by Anastasia Karakasidou 221
Chapter Twelve "After the War We Were All Together": Jewish Memories of Postwar Thessaloniki by Bea Lewkowicz 247
Chapter Thirteen Memories of the Bulgarian Occupation of Eastern Macedonia: Three Generations by Xantbippi Kotzageorgi-Zymari with Tassos Hadjianastassiou 273
Chapter Fourteen "An Affair of Politics, Not Justice": The Merten Trial (1957-1959) and Greek-German Relations by Susanne-Sophia Spiliotis 293
List of Contributors 303
Index 305

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File created: 4/21/2017

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