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Urban Recycling and the Search for Sustainable Community Development
Adam S. Weinberg, David N. Pellow, & Allan Schnaiberg

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Acknowledgments ix
Chapter One: Urban Recycling: An Empirical Test of Sustainable Community Development Proposals 3
Sustainable Community Development 4
Recycling as a Case Study in Sustainable Community Development 7
The Rise of Recycling: "Why Waste a Resource?" 9
Contemporary Recycling Practices 22
The Chicago Region as a locale for Examining Recycling and Sustainable Community Development 27
Chapter Two: The Challenge to Achieve Sustainable Community Development: A Theoretical Framework 30
The Treadmill of Production as a Modern Political-Economic Model 30
Conflict, Power, and Dialectics: A Political Economic Perspective 35
Allocating Scarcity: A Central Parameter 40
Political Consciousness in the Managed Scarcity Synthesis 43
The Treadmill of Production and Recycling: Overt and Covert Conflicts 43
Limitations of Our Analysis 47
Chapter Three: Chicago's Municipally Based Recycling Program: Origins and Outcomes of a Corporate-Centered Approach 50
Who Is Riding the Tiger? The Alliance between the City of Chicago and Waste Management, Incorporated 50
Promises and Pitfalls of the Blue Bag Program 54
Early Problems with the Blue Bag: Miscalculating Start-up Costs and Recovery Rates 58
Occupational Safety Issues: Challenges and Responses 66
Reclaiming the MRRFs: Chicago's Attempt to Regain Control 72
Conclusion: The Blue Bag Program and the Three Es of Sustainable Community Development 74
Chapter Four: Community-Based Recycling: The Struggles of a Social Movement 78
Community-Based Recycling Centers 78
The Model for Community-Based Recycling Centers: The Resource Center 78
Replicating the Resource Center: Uptown Recycling, Incorporated 83
Limitations of the Community-Based Model 90
Social Movement Struggles in a Global Marketplace: The Demise of Community-Based Recycling? 94
Moving toward the Three Es: Assessing the Achievements of the Community-Based Centers 100
Community-Based Sustainable Development Enterprises: "Doing Good but Not Doing Well" 104
Chapter Five: Industrial Recycling Zones and Parks: Creating Alternative Recycling Models 107
Environmental Movements and Industrial Ecology: The Logic of Recycling Parks and Recycling Zones 107
Promises in Maywood 110
Reviving West Garfield Park: The Bethel New Life Story 118
Resistance to Innovations: DuPage County and Gary, Indiana 120
Planning for Industrial Recycling Zones: Is Ecological Modernization in Our Future? 124
Chapter Six: Social Linkage Programs: Recycling Practices in Evanston 132
Finding Alternatives: The Road to Locating the Three Es 132
Recycling Working as a Social Linkage: The Rise of the PIC Program in Evanston 132
Delinking the Evanston Program: The New "Bottom Line" Orientation to Local Recycling 142
Understanding the Dimensions of Variability in Recycling Programs 149
Searching for Sustainable Development: Do Technology and Scale Matter? 151
Chapter Seven: The Treadmill of Production: Toward a Political-Economic Grounding of Sustainable Community Development 156
Revisiting the Treadmill of Production 156
The Globalizing Treadmill 158
The State's Ambivalent Role in Managing the Treadmill 162
Grounding Sustainable Community Development in the Treadmill of Production 164
Conclusion: Relationships in the Treadmill 172
Chapter Eight: The Search for Sustainable Community Development: Final Notes and Thoughts 176
The Political Economy of Solid Waste Management 176
Critical Social Science: Power, Education, Community, and Politics 179
The Economic Geography of Waste: Generalizing beyond Chicago and beyond Recycling 195
Final Reflections 199
References 203
Index 217

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File created: 4/21/2017

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