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The Other Hogarth:
Aesthetics of Difference
Edited by Bernadette Fort & Angela Rosenthal

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Acknowledgements vii
The Analysis of Difference by Bernadette Fort and Angela Rosenthal 3
A Harlot's Progress 16
A Rake's Progress 22
Marriage A-la-mode 30
I. Crafting the Erotic Body
''A Wanton Kind of Chace'': Display as procurement in A Harlot's Progress and Its Reception by James Grantham Turner 38
The Flesh of Theory: The Erotics of Hogarth's Lines by Frederic Ogee 62
Professional Femininity in Hogarth's Strolling Actresses Dressing in a Barn by Christina Kiaer 76
II. The Anatomy of Difference
Spotting the Symptoms: Hogarthian Bodies as Sites of Semantic Ambiguity 102
Unfolding Gender: Women and the ''Secret'' Sign Language of Fans in Hogarth's Work by Angela Rosenthal 120
Manly Satire: William Hogarth's A Rake's Progress by Mark Hallett 142
''Nature Revers'd'': Satire and Homosexual Difference in Hogarth's London by Richard Meyer 162
III. Cultural Critique
The Fetish over the Fireplace: Disease as genius loci in Marriage A-la-Mode by David Solkin 176
Marriage in the French and English Manners: Hogarth and Abraham Bosse by Sarah Maza and Sean Shesgreen 192
An Un-Married Woman: Mary Edwards, William Hogarth, and a Case of Eighteenth-Century British Patronage by Nadia Tscherny 212
Hogarth's Working Women: Commerce and Consumption by Patricia Crown 224
Embodied Liberty: Why Hogarth's Caricature of John Wilkes Backfired by Amelia Rauser 240
IV. Race and Representation
''A Voluptuous Alliance between Africa and Europe''': Hogarth's Africans by Davis Bindman 260
A Fashionable Marriage by Lubaina Himid 270
Lubaina Himid's A Fashionable Marriage: A Post-Colonial Hogarthian ''Dumb Show'' by Bernadette Fort 278
Works Cited 294
Contributors 311
Index 313
Photography Credits 320

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File created: 4/21/2017

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