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Authority and Estrangement:
An Essay on Self-Knowledge
Richard Moran

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Outline of the Chapters xi
Preface xxvii
Acknowledgments xxxvii
CHAPTER ONE The Image of Self-Knowledge 1
1.1 The Fortunes of Self-Consciousness: Descartes, Freud, and Cognitive Science 4
1.2 The Possibility of Self-Knowledge: Introspection, Perception, and Deflation 12
1.3 Constitutive Relations and Detection 20
1.4 "Conscious Belief": Locating the First-Person 27
CHAPTER TWO Making Up Your Mind: Self-Interpretation and Self-Constitution 36
2.1 Self-Interpretation, Objectivity, and Independence 38
2.2 Self-Fulfillment and Its Discontents 42
2.3 The Whole Person's Discrete States 48
2.4 Belief and the Activity of Interpreting 51
2.5 The Process of Self-Creation: Theoretical and Deliberative Questions 55
2.6 Relations of Transparency 60
CHAPTER THREE Self-Knowledge as Discovery and as Resolution 66
3.1 Wittgenstein and Moore's Paradox 69
3.2 Sartre, Self-Consciousness, and the Limits of the Empirical 77
3.3 Avowal and Attribution 88
3.4 Binding and Unbinding 94
CHAPTER FOUR The Authority of Self-Consciousness 100
4.1 Expressing, Reporting, and Avowing 100
4.2 Rationality, Awareness, and Control: A Look Inside 107
4.3 From Supervision to Authority: Agency and the Attitudes 113
4.4 The Retreat to Evidence 120
4.5 First-Person Immediacy and Authority 124
4.6 Introspection and the Deliberative Point of View 134
4.7 Reflection and the Demands of Authority: Apprehension, Arrest, and Conviction 138
4.8 The Reflective Agent 148
CHAPTER FIVE Impersonality, Expression, and the Undoing of Self-Knowledge 152
5.1 Self-Other Asymmetries and Their Skeptical Interpretation 153
5.2 The Partiality of the Impersonal Stance 158
5.3 Self-Effacement and Third-Person Privilege 166
5.4 Paradoxes of Self-Censure 170
5.5 Incorporation and the Expressive Reading 182
5.6 "Not First-Personal Enough?" 187
Bibliography 195
Index 201

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File created: 11/11/2014

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