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Greed and Injustice in Classical Athens
Ryan K. Balot

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Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xi
Chapter 1. Introduction 1
Chapter 2. Greed in Aristotle's Political Thought 22
Greed and Unfairness in Distribution in Nicomachean Ethics 5 23
What Makes Human Beings Greedy? 34
Analyzing Greed in the Polis: Revolution, Civic Strife, and Distributive, Justice 44
Conclusion 55
Chapter 3. Solonian Athens and the Archaic Roots of Greed 58
Homer and Hesiod 59
Solon's Reform 73
Solon's Critique: The Problem of Acquisition and Unfairness 79
Chapter 4. Herodotus and the Greed of Imperialism 99
Eastern Imperialism 100
Greed and Fairness in the Panhellenic League 108
The Emergent Imperialism of Athens 114
Conclusion 129
Chapter 5. Thucydides, Greed, and the Breakdown of Political Community 136
Revolution at Corcyra: Greed, Leadership, and Civic Trust 137
Periclean Athens: Greedy Success 142
Human Nature, Democracy, and Greed 154
Post-Periclean Disintegration 159
Conclusion: The Ethics of Athenian Imperialism 172
Chapter 6. "Revolution Matters"? Oligarchic Rebellion and Democratic Hegemony in Athens 179
Athenian Culture in the Late Fifth Century: Unity and Division 180
The Revolution of 411: Speech, Mistrust, and Violence 211
The Revolution of 404: Greed and the Thirty 219
Responding to the Revolutions. Lysias and Xenophon 225
Chapter 7. Epilogue: Planto's Republic in Context 234
Bibliography 249
Index Locorum 273
General Index 279

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File created: 4/21/2017

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